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The modernisation of the beauty industry is ironically becoming more and more dependent on traditionalising beauty products. When given the choice, the modern woman is most likely to opt for the traditional way of beauty – natural. Namyaa takes the modern aspects of your beauty routine and combines it with the organic to formulate the best green regime for you and your skin! Promising zero side effects and only natural ingredients, the effective products by Namyaa are always fashion-favourites!

Namyaa is streamlined towards Female Hygiene

With an experience of 10 expansive years in the beauty and cosmetics industry, Namyaa is taking the time to understand its clients and their requirements. They are reinventing the herbal and natural niche of skincare and hygiene products. With a range of skin, intimate hygiene and lightening solutions, Namyaa is taking another step towards consumer-focused revolution in the health and well-being niche.

Why is Organic the Wiser Option?

Why organic? Is that even still a question? Whether with proof or without, we all know that the chemicals present in cosmetics, in one way or another will harm your skin. So why take that risk? Keep your beauty and skin-health on the top of your priority list and switch to Namyaa Organic Beauty Products! You can pick from a diverse collection of Namyaa Organic products that are completely safe and gentle on your skin. Along with ensuring zero side effects, Namyaa skincare cosmetics give visible results and we are sure, your skin will love them!

Why Don’t You Give It A Try?

Try the products from the House of Namyaa to see for yourself! The available products are as follows:


Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash is curated based on Ayurvedic facts and formulations, containing a mixture of tea tree oil, rosemary, neem, aloe vera and other ingredients. These ingredients are gentle on sensitive areas of the body and help relieve itching, irritation and other infections. The hygiene wash is free from paraben, sles and excess soap that alter the ph of intimate areas. The chemical-free product promises zero side effects and keeps you comfortable and fragrant through the day!


Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum is made with Clove oil extract, Lemon oil, Peppermint oil, and Tea Tree Oil. It is known for its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities and helps achieve softer skin naturally. Further, this excellent ‘Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum’ helps enhance the overall skin’s appearance and feel and, in the endeavour, initiates the growth of new skin cells to address the look of discoloured areas of the private parts. It makes for this anti-ageing intimate lightening serum which helps prevent hyperpigmentation and comes with an array of anti-ageing benefits to its exclusive credit that helps delay the ageing process of the skin and in addition, helps retain the suppleness of the intimate areas for a much longer span.

‘Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum’ makes for this completely safe skin whitening lotion for intimate areas that is completely safe for application on the intimate areas and is free from any kind of side effects to be precise. This exceptional product can be safely used on the private parts as this comes with a super gentle formulation and its beneficial excellence renders it to be safe for application on the sensitive skin of the intimate parts.


You live a busy, on-the-go life filled with heavy workloads, stress, gym workouts, and intense meetings. This means you need a smarter, more natural way to stay cool and smell good when the pressure mounts and the heat starts to rise. That’s why we have created Namyaa Solid Natural Body Perfume for Intimate Areas. Designed to help eliminate odours and bacteria while keeping your skin comfortable and sweat-free, our solid perfumes help you fight bad smell without adding chemicals or aluminium to your soft, gentle skin.


Namyaa Hair Removing Cream for Intimate Skin is India’s first ever hair removing cream that has been exclusively designed for gentle hair removing from intimate areas. It is absolutely free from razor cuts, bumps, nicks, skin burns and also from the risk of ingrown hair. It is super effective in removing hair and it makes for the most effortless way to get rid of unwanted hair from sensitive area of your body. Comes with this ‘’no harsh smell’’ formulation. It is absolutely chemical free. This provides for no rashes, no itching, no irritations kind of gentle hair removal experience which leaves the skin soft and smooth. It doesn’t lead to any kind of skin darkening and being enriched with the goodness of natural Chamomile extracts it not only helps nourish the skin but also leaves behind a pleasant feel.


Our intimate areas, especially our vaginal skin, often suffer from skin problems such as dark pigmentation and loose skin. This Vaginal Tightening Gel by Namyaa contains extracts such as that of Manjakini that are completely safe for the sensitive skin of the intimate areas. It helps in tightening and lightening the sensitive and soft skin of intimate areas and this excellent vaginal tightening gel helps treat and tighten the loose walls of the vagina no matter what is the reason of it. It helps in reduces black spots and removes marks form intimate area. It makes for a completely chemical free product that helps do away with odour of the vagina and keeps you fresh.

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