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Epigamia is a 100% natural and eco-friendly food manufacturing company. It rightfully prides itself on preparing goods that are free of preservative, artificial flavour, and adulterated ingredients. Instead, they focus on creating healthier, eco-friendlier, and assuredly tastier alternatives. Its snacks are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients that keep the community epigamia operates in, healthy and happy.

Epigamia operates under the legal name of Drums Food International. It was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It follows a B2B2C Model, ie, a Business to Business to Consumer Model. Epigamia’s Co-Founders are Rohan Mirchandani, Uday Thakker, Rahul Jain, and Ganesh Krishnamoorthy.

Epigamia’s main delight is its Greek yogurts- which are healthier, fresher culinary delights. Besides Greek yogurts, it does produce a slew of other impressive products. Today, we’ll be treating the greek yogurts as our main focus. Greek yogurt is different from normal yogurt because the whey and liquid component is extracted during the final processing. Thus, it is thicker and has a higher protein content. Some impressive benefits of Greek yogurt are:

  • Promotion of gut health
  • Beneficial for the bones
  • Good source of protein
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Rich sources of calcium, selenium and vitamin B12.

Let’s check out the various flavours of Greek yogurt offered by Epigamia:

Rose and Lychee Greek Yogurt:

The delightful blend of locally sourced fragrant roses and ripe lychees is meant to signify the union of families and friends that come together to celebrate a happy occasion. This flavour is a limited edition pack, introduced during the celebration season to make the joyous occasions even sweeter. This flavour is Epigamia’s first “new” Greek yogurt flavour in nearly four years.

Greek Yogurt – Rose & Lychee

Alphonso Mango Greek Yogurt:

This flavour is uniquely special due to containing the king of mangoes, sourced from Ratnagiri’s finest farms to craft the King of Greek Yogurt. This high-protein yogurt is a perfect mid-meal snack made from real ingredients and has zero preservatives or added flavours. This yogurt can be enjoyed with nuts or cereals to make unique smoothie bowls and other versatile combos.

Greek Yogurt – Alphonso Mango

Strawberry Greek Yogurt:

This zero added sugar, low-fat snack brings alive the classic pairing of strawberries and cream. Ripe strawberries locally sourced from Mahabaleshwar, natural stevia, and thick yogurt constitute this preservative-free high-end protein snack is the sweetest non-sweet snack.

Greek Yogurt – Strawberry

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt:

This 100% fat-free blend of locally sourced vanilla beans and Greek yogurt is heavenly and contains real fruit. this high-protein yogurt is a perfect mid-meal snack made from real ingredients and has zero preservatives.

Greek Yogurt – Vanilla Bean

Wild Raspberry Greek Yogurt:

The sharp tang of real wild raspberries pairs wonderfully with creamy, smooth yogurt. This is one irresistible, highly tempting combination. High protein, zero added colour, and preservative, and 100% real fruit- what else could one want?

Greek Yogurt – Wild Raspberry

Blueberry Greek Yogurt:

This exotic fruit makes a statement when blended with high protein Greek yogurt. Being one of Epigamia’s most loved flavours, this blend is lip-smacking good! Specially flavourful as a smoothie, one can try out their own combinations.

Greek Yogurt – Blueberry

Natural Greek Yogurt:

A pure and unadulterated form of yogurt with a thick, velvety texture, the natural Greek yogurt gives more protein than any other yogurt out there. This flavour can be used to create deliciousness. smoothie bowls. Once can sprinkle some nuts/ granola and snack away during long tedious zoom calls that could have been just an email.

Greek Yogurt – Natural

However, these are just some of the examples from the wide range of healthy snacks Epigamia produces. Besides Greek yogurt, yogurt oatmeal cups, yogurt mousse, yogurt pies, and several other savoury delights are also on the menu. Try them out on Epigamia’s website and have a guilt-free snack session.

Credit To – Prashansa Parwal

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