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In today’s world, we have to give a new startup to ourselves every day, but due to lots of worries and health issues, we hold ourselves. Every girl faces the natural and external factors which interrupt her inner calmness. A stressful environment and unhealthy habits of our schedule make us ill and weak. External factors which do not seem but affect our health and become a reason for PCOD and PEOS. We have lots of solutions but all are a combination of chemicals. Our skin and intimate parts are too sensitive and different from each other. We need to best solution which is effective and reliable. 

“Namyaa” is a brand of women who always give a path to the relief of health issues. They are always concerned about our health and provide the best products to heal us. Namyaa is India’s leading feminine intimate and hygiene brand. After years of research and innovation, they formulated some great skincare products, which are scientifically proven and safe with Zero Side Effects.

Due to hormonal changes, we face the health issues Like White discharge, irregular periods, PCOD and PEOS, pigmentation in intimate areas, etc. To protect ourselves from these problems we have the best solution which is natural and chemical-free is Namyaa. They provide the best product which is helping to make us healthy. 

  • ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

In young girls, white discharge is a very common problem. It is natural but, the heavy flow white discharge is harmful and can be a cause of infection. Infections can be converted into major diseases. For protection, Namyaa introduces the best solution ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets. It helps to treat the root cause of smelly white discharge, Provides relief from vaginal itching and burning sensations, Eliminates unwanted odour, Promotes timely ovulation, and Contains the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs.

ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets


  • Namyaa Anartava For Delayed Irregular Periods Syrup

Nowadays irregular periods become a common problem. There are many reasons for these regulations are polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian failure, hormonal problems, or the abnormal functioning of the endocrine system which is known to affect maturation at puberty resulting in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, etc. Namyaa’s Anartava syrup helps to restore the natural menstrual cycle in such women and enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients, it carries minimal risk and side effects. It helps to promote timely ovulation, treats hormonal imbalance, and removes toxins as it helps purify the blood. It is very useful in regulating periods and menstrual flow.

Namyaa Anartava For Delayed Irregular Periods Syrup
  • Aarthava Kshaya PCOD and PCOS Tablets

In stressful life, we forget to maintain our health we take it for granted the result is, we suffer from many diseases and in women, PCOD and PEOS are common now. Problems always have a solution Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya PCOD and PCOS Tablets are the best solution for relief from these problems. It is a completely Ayurvedic remedy from the house of Namyaa which helps to treat the root cause of PCOD and PCOS. It also helps to promote timely ovulation which regulates delayed and irregular periods. This can normalize the menstrual cycle and flow. Not only does this powerful Ayurvedic tablet help restore hormonal balance, but also helps improve scanty or less bleeding, purifies the blood, improves fertility and immunity. Helps provide for the nourishment of the uterus and ovaries while helping control weight gain as well.

Aarthava Kshaya PCOD and PCOS Tablets
  • Intimate Lightening Serum

Skin darkness is also a common problem but due to these problems many times we lose confidence. To get back the confidence and live a pigmentation-free life, Namyaa provides the Intimate Lightening Serum’ which is a revolutionary product that works as an all-in-one intimate lightening serum that helps lighten the intimate parts in an exceptional manner. Is known to remove spots, marks and blemishes, cellulite issues, and dark pigmentations, while helping get a clearer, glowing and radiant skin complexion in just a span of six weeks only.

Intimate Lightening Serum

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