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The best wellness kit for men that inspires self-care – Qraa Men


Selfcare was an elicit dinner table discussion just a few years back. But with the modernization of big cities and the recent surge in anxiety levels, a clean lifestyle has become one of the utmost and unavoidable needs for well-being.

We had started going back to those ancient days when Ayurveda, acupuncture, crystal healing, and aromatherapy were on-trend. Nowadays, these ancient methods are interwoven with different beauty care products to make them ideal for your beauty and wellness.

Let’s pay heed to men’s wellness

Here we are not talking about our fashionistas only. Today’s sophisticated men are equally conscious about their wellness and appearance. Qraa Men understood their needs and started working for men to create an incredible range of products.

These self-care products will gift you glowing and radiant skin and leave your hair smooth and perfect. So if you want to say sayonara to your stains and damages effectively, don’t miss this unique kit full of effective body scrub, face wash, hair serum, and face serum.

How will this kit help?

We all know that men usually don’t have much time to invest in looking good. But self-care is necessary and everyone’s entitlement. That is why Qraa Men has invented such a quick kit that can make you handsome by following super-quick four steps. These four outstanding products will rejuvenate your skin and hair without wasting much of your time.

Are you excited? Let’s get to know more about these stellar products in detail.

Qraa Men Charcoal Body Scrub

This triple-action, oil control, handcrafted scrub is formulated with various ultra-effective ingredients, including bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, sodium hydroxide, Butylene Glycol, and Citric Acid. It unbelievably exfoliates your skin, controls oil, and makes your appearance super soft, smooth, and handsome.

Charcoal Body Scrub

Qraa Men Facewash

This outstanding facewash profoundly cleans your rigid skin and makes it pigmentation and acne-free. It also lightens your skin beautifully. This men’s face wash is absolutely free from harmful ingredients, including paraben, mineral oil, paraffin, and silicon. So forget damaged skin and enjoy your rejuvenated skin glow with this superb Qraa Men Facewash.


Qraa Men Keratin Infused Hair Serum

This hair serum is a real cult Hero. If you have a damaged hair and looking for long-term nourishment, then go for this fabulous product. It will also add shine and smoothen your frizzy hair gently. If you want to make your just bleached look shinier and healthier instantly, this magic serum is just one step away from your hand.

Qraa Men Vitamin ABC Face Serum

Add this phenomenal Vitamin ABC Serum to your daily routine and enjoy its uncountable benefits. If you have any kind of problem with your skin, this one product is the cure for everything. This one product makes everything possible from tan removal to fulfilling vitamin supplement deficiencies, collagen boosting, removing under eyes dark circles, wrinkles, and gifting and youthful skin.

Face Serum

Sometimes you ought to press that pause button to love yourself. Let’s put our smartphones down for some time and take care of our body and skin to rejuvenate our minds and soul. Qraa Men exactly does the same for you.

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