A Guide to Renewing Your Australia Visa


Your company may ask you whether you want to prolong your stay if you’re in Australia on a tss visa. Even though your stay has an expiry date and cannot usually be extended, you have the option to extend it. Understanding how to do it is crucial if you want a quick and smooth renewal procedure.

Is a TSS visa the best option for your trip plans?

Consider your long-term goals in Australia before submitting yet another visa application. Depending on your position, the Employer Nomination Scheme may be a possibility for you after three or two years on it (ENS). Those who come under this requirement may be eligible for permanent residency if they work in a medium- and long-term strategic skills list position (MLTSSL). Unless exempted, the sooner you apply for permanent residency, the higher your chances of success.

Your job code will help you identify your work title and career path.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when applying for a new job is whether or not the occupation code you want to use is on the short, medium, or long-term occupation list.

If you want to operate in Australia, you need to keep an eye on the skilled professions list updated regularly.

Keep Track of the alerts generated by the code you’ve chosen

It’s also important to remember that if you apply for a second short-term visa in Australia, you may be denied a third (unless an international trade agreement applies to your circumstances). People who have been in Australia for a shorter time may only renew their visa once per year from inside the country.

The requirement of a job market test is conditional

You may be obliged to undergo labour market testing (LMT). Persons on a two-year visa or whose sponsorship was transferred to their new firm after they changed jobs are particularly at risk in this way;

Enforcement of LMT laws is a top priority for the Department of Labor and Industries. You must wait for your employer to re-offer you the job and extend your tss visa for 28 days without exception before they may do so.

The LMT must be completed before you may submit a new visa application. Your application deadline may be fast approaching, so make sure you complete this LMT before then.

To be eligible for an Australian visa renewal, you must have mostly adhered to the rules of your prior visa.

This is critical information for those unemployed for more than a month due to quitting their previous job or who worked in positions other than the one for which they were nominated. The tight compliance standards may be challenging to satisfy if you’ve breached any visa limitations.

English language proficiency exam’s prerequisites

You may be excused from the English language requirement on your first visa to Australia if you’ve been moved within your firm.

Transfers within the same firm are exempt from this limitation. Renewing a contract may represent an intra-company transfer assignment for candidates who work on overseas contracts. When it comes to people working on Australian agreements, this may not be the case at all.

An English language test for your new tss visa application may sound odd if you’ve previously lived and worked in Australia for four years.

Be certain to keep an eye out for the smaller ones as well.

Millennials are increasingly relying on their parents for financial support into their 30s. If the contract is renewed with an adult, minors under 18 may travel until the day before their 23rd birthday if the contract is extended. These applicants may wish to check into permanent residence or what visa their children may use if they cannot return to Australia a second time.

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