Best Trading Platforms In Spain


We conducted the study for you so that you could identify the online brokers and trading platforms in Spain in 2022. We gathered all the information you need to know about creating an account with, performing trades, and paying fees with the top investment companies in Spain. The Spain’s best trading platforms (mejores plataformas trading) according to Traders Union are following:

Etoro is an online broker that allows commission-free trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds. You can imitate other traders and investors. slick, contemporary, and user-friendly for everyone. Over 20 million customers globally trust it.

The benefits of etoro trading are following:

Innovative platform

EToro became well-known for its social investing platform, a cutting-edge tool that enables users to imitate other investors’ trades.

Internationally established

Since its 2007 founding, eToro has grown to include more than 20 million users in 140 nations, including the United States. The business started giving American clients access to stocks and ETFs in 2022. Previously, U.S. customers could only trade cryptocurrencies on the platform, even though eToro operated multi-asset brokerages (offering stocks, commodities, and forex trading) in other nations.

Virtual trading 

Every eToro account also comes with a $100,000 virtual trading account, allowing you to practise trading with fictitious funds.

Next Markets 

A cutting-edge neobroker with a sizable clientele in Europe that offers commission-free trading across all asset classes and no foreign exchange fees.

Investment Ideas

As we mentioned in the introduction, Nextmarkets offers its consumers 300 investment suggestions each month from its investment coaches. Users can access these monthly updated investing ideas for no cost. This is obviously a huge advantage for new users who might not be sure what to start investing in or who might need some advice to get started.


As many seasoned investors are already aware, the commissions and fees charged by your brokerage can significantly affect your cumulative return over time. Consequently, it’s critical that you locate a brokerage that is competitive.


Founded in 2004, XTB provides a broad selection of investment products, a risky investment platform, and commission-free stock trading up to €100.000 monthly volume.

XTB is a broker that doesn’t require a minimum deposit and offers highly competitive pricing and spreads. They are very well-liked by EU traders, although there is a withdrawal fee for withdrawals under a particular threshold, which may put off casual traders

The advantages of trading with XTB are following;

Low-cost FX CFD costs are charged by XTB, and up to €100k in monthly trade volume, equities and ETFs are offered without commission. Credit/debit cards and electronic wallets are only a couple of the many alternatives available for quick, usually free deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, opening an account is simple and quick.

On the plus side, the fact that there is no minimum deposit requirement in the vast majority of the nations where the broker provides service helps to maintain it relatively accessible to traders of all experience levels.

Additionally, XTB offers a huge variety of trading assets, so there should be something for everyone.

Finally, XTB continues to maintain low prices while maintaining a high level of competition in the trading industry. This is especially true for the broker’s traders who are located in the EU.

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