How #Tagbin is Reimagining the Avenue of Marketing


Founder – Saurav Bhaik

Website – Tagbin

Marketing is the single most indispensable tool that can either propel or swivel down your revenue. Making your product or service attractive to potential clientele is quintessential for success. Marketing like everything else has evolved over the years. Data analytics and AI lead the way to more convertible leads and businesses are agile to harness the very best of what’s available.

Experiential Marketing

Here we are to talk about Experiential marketing. For starters, it leads to better word of mouth. Word of mouth is perfect for fostering a strong brand awareness. Traditional marketing methods like advertising take on a choking picture.  However, experiential marketingportrays a gentler appearance. Consequently, your CLV (Customer lifetime value) is increased.

Another overlooked parameter while assessing marketing techniques is customer loyalty. Experiential marketing helps you nail that first impression by instigating an authentic and memorable memory of your brand in people’s minds.


Experiential marketing is rather a complicated concept. It requires a careful assessment of hundreds of variables. Tagbin makes this process hassle-free. Tagbin is renowned for suggesting the best possible strategy for a tailor-made experiential marketing agenda. An explosive combination of creativity and technology is what Tagbin offers to its clients.

Offering an abstract concept of experiential marketing as a service is incredible. Moreover, by focusing on the narrow niche of experiential marketing, Tagbin is good at what it does.

Tagbin’s USPs

The “experience” packages offered by Tagbin have an ultra futuresque feel to them. Services like RotoScope, Holocube and interactive floor are recreating the massively competitive world of marketing. Try to visualise this: you walk into a mall and a brand offers you a gift for tweeting. This element of surprise would actually be a potential word of mouth chain reaction.As a result, generation of a humongous number of online impressions will happen. Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer chose to work with Tagbin. As part of their collaboration, a Tweet Café event was organized and the social media world went berserk.

Another popular Tagbin implements experiential marketing is live video streaming. Everybody wants to feel good and participate in a live video event. They love to acknowledge that small voice in your head saying that, “You could blow up the internet” is rather enthralling. Moreover, this is an opportunity for developing rapports directly with your prospects and bridges that gap between producers and consumers.


What’s Next?

The applications of experiential marketing don’t end there. The possibilities are endless. Experiential marketing can also be done on the consumer’s side. Multiple innovative ways of leaving feedback are nowadays into practice. What if you could design your experience and companies gain access to your preferences? They may conduct some analysis and voila: craft a plan that is fool proof. One can only imagine how content would be presented if the media started using experiential marketing to run news shows. Conventional marketing techniques are turning redundant rapidly, and Tagbin helps businesses keep on par with the competition out there. The competition is fierce: like a pack of lions wrestling over a piece of steak. And hence, Tagbin helps budding organisations gear up for the competition.

Tagbin surely is making the headlines with its well-curated experiential marketing strategies. It is bound to rake in more high-profile brands as clients soon. With a well-defined target audience, Tagbin could very well become a brand in its own.

We aren’t quite sure what to make of the name Tagbin, but this is what one can infer from it: the founders probably meant to ditch the old methods of advertising and switch to the future. Tag resembling the hashtag from Twitter. That’s Tagbin for you: creating the future.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Saurav Bhaik – As an engineering student I was always inclinedtowards technology and innovation, but surprisingly that was not the only thing which I was interested in. What intrigued me most was how directors provide an experience through simple screens. How they grab the attention for 3 hrs, with their story and the way they present it. It almost engulfs people in such an experience where they tries to imagine themselves playing their own part in themovie. Another thing that inspired me was the experience provided by a magician, and howthey revealed a surprising experience without revealing their tricks. These two thingsmotivated me to seek, or rather make something which gives a magical experience to theaudience and the best tool for me as an engineer was to do that by blending technology intothe normal environment. And that’s what I did, we formed a team with multi-disciplinaryskills, ranging from tech experts, artefacts, creative directors, marketers to historical orarchaeological researchers as well, and started reveal stories with magical experiences.

When did you start your business?

Saurav Bhaik – Tagbin was founded on June,2013.

What does success mean to your company?

Saurav Bhaik – Success is a moving target. While we celebrate our achievements, we also remember that true success is when we will impact the society in a positive way with our work.

How are you performing currently?

Saurav Bhaik – 2018-19 was and amazing year for us, probably the best till now. We have achieved a 4 fold growth in this year.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Saurav Bhaik – Our industry is mainly based on multi-sensory experience and the WOW factor, and to achieve that, it’s important for us to constantly reinvent ourselves as per the fast-paced customer expectations. We consider rapidly changing expectations and media explosion which is diluting the level of content absorption capacity and recall of audience as a huge risk.

What are your plans on funding?

Saurav Bhaik – We are a bootstrap company and we have astonishingly achieve 4X growth from last year. We are open to funding’s with terms which aligns our vision.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Saurav Bhaik – As a startup, every step of the way, we face a new challenge. One of the most challenging aspects so far have been scaling from a 4-membered team to now 50+. We have learnt over time and today confidently boast of the PERFECT mix of team members, or as we like to call them .. Magicians .. Each challenge is solved differently, the key is patience and never giving up !

What does growth mean to you and your business?
Saurav Bhaik – For me growth is considered only if its sustainable in nature. As a business we measure growth in terms of vertical and horizontal way. Vertically we consider increase in number of employees from diverse expertise. And horizontally we check for number of successful projects completed in different verticals and geographies.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Saurav Bhaik – We are a service company, who makes use of multiple cutting age experiential technologies to create a magical experience. Our USP in making a multi-sensory experience on any type of environment, comes from the diversity of talent in the company, ranging from Tech experts, Marketers, Architects, Research’s and Content Strategist to Creative Directors and Designer. Experience creators have created a very unique line of industry which designs and engineers spaces based on the type of experience we want to our visitors to feel.

Where are your start-up services spread?
Saurav Bhaik – We have done projects across the world, with our partners in Dubai, Germany, and Singapore, and ofcourse in PAN India. We are headquartered in Gurgaon and have an office in Mumbai.

What does it feel to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel getting up every morning and getting on to work?

Saurav Bhaik – I have felt really blessed to led such a supportive and hardworking team. As a founder, of a company – which needs multiple expertise and latest technologies, it becomes very important for me to keep learning continuously and know the working of all functions and stay updated on latest technologies. Apart from that, it can be challenging to handle a multi-diversity team, but with proper planning and being compassionate towards the challenges of the team, I have receive tremendous support to complete amazing projects.

Every day gives me a new opportunity to do something new and better, and that’s something which drives me to keep moving towards my vision.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, we want to be recognized as a leader of a separate line of Industry call experience creators and inspire followers of this industry, who design’s and engineer’s alltypes of experiential spaces by breathing emotions into it. And Horizontally we want toleave as much footprint as we can across the world.

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