How to Build Your Instagram Content In 2019


Internet marketing is huge. And so is social media marketing. Social media marketing is not just limited to Facebook Ads. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more social sites are big players. Twitter marketing is huge. The key to successful social media marketing is to be diverse with your content. But how do you decide what to share? What to do when you run out of ideas to share on your social media? Well, worry not…

There are a few things you can do to know what to share on your Instagram. You are building your Instagram content.  Quality content always attracts more online users. So, it’s always better for you to use content evaluation tools form to remove any chance of copied content.

Here are some tips on how.

Build a content library

When you are constantly sharing content on social media, you need a library to search into. You don’t need to go wandering off on the internet to find a new idea. Whenever you are on social media in your spare time, you can use this content library to share content that you think should be shared on a social media platform like yours.

At an office, you would want to set up a document. Set up a Google spreadsheet. Here, you can make multiple columns based on content type. So you will have columns for video, blogs and external links, images, graphics design, copywriting and what not. Share it with everyone in your team. This is will bring discipline into organizing your research and knowledge.

Know your audience

You are not talking to your audience on social media, you are talking with them. This means you want to also learn about conversations your audience wants to have. Learn about the challenges your audience faces. Learn how you can solve these problems. These are very important factors into understanding what your audience likes and what your audience dislikes. Their preferences are important and very much relevant to your content.

Look at your competitors

Your competitors can be your amazing inspiration. Understand this simple thing that your competitors are in the same industry as yours. They are essentially competing with you over your audience. How do you decide what to pick and what to drop? Is there a better way to find answers than to look at your competitors? They have a team of experts who are trying to test the same business as you are. These don’t need to be your direct competitors. Just learn about people in your industry.

Create a holiday planner

A holiday planner is great because it incorporates all the new and social trends. It is even better if you create one for yourself. This is because you operate in a local market. The trends are very specific depending upon the region.

Be consistent with your content

With your Instagram, you want to be consistent. You don’t want to give up a day of posting just because you feel like you don’t have enough ideas flowing in. Don’t worry, take the risk. It is worth it. If you can’t think of anything, experiment with new content. This will be really helpful because it will help you learn about the different options that may or may not work out for your business.

Build Links

If you want to rank better though building links in 2019, you don’t just need to focus on your content. Of course, great content is important but you also want to look into the type of content that you are searching for. If you have education of advanced SEO or even if you do basic SEO content, you know how important it is to do your keyword research before you can actually choose a topic. If you want to rank better through such link building, you will need to use tools like Buzzsumo that will help you in figuring out how what content is ranking the highest in a given niche.

There are two ways to go forward from here. The first is to go ahead and create even better content than the one that is ranking the highest. If the article is titled 10 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom, add an article for 10 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom In 2019. By adding the year, you should be able to create specific content that is specific to that year. This will help you in informing the people that your content is the latest. This will generate more clicks.

Add Attractive Images Infographics If not this, you can do another thing. What you will be doing here is to create infographics. What infographics will do for you is that people prefer visual content over content that is in text form. Text is difficult to read. Plus, when you have infographics you will also be getting a lot of back links. You can use Buzzsumo to also learn different people who just shared that content that is ranking the highest on search engines. You can message these people personally and share the infographic with them. Chances are that this content will also be shared by these people.

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