Prime Minister Narendra Modi Holds Extensive Talks with India’s Top Gamers to Propel Esports Industry Development


In an effort to propel the advancement of India’s burgeoning Esports industry, key figures within the country’s gaming community convened for a pivotal dialogue with Prime Minister Modi, focusing on the expansion of the nation’s video gaming sector.

This roundtable discussion brought together influential personalities such as Animesh Agarwal (known as 8Bit_Thug), Naman Mathur (widely recognized as Mortal), and Payal Dhare (known as PayalGaming) from 8BitCreatives, a leading gaming influencer management agency in India. They were joined by Ganesh Gangadhar (also known as SKRossi), Anshu Bisht (commonly referred to as GamerFleet), Mithilesh Patankar (known as MythPat), and Tirth Mehta.

Naman Mathur
Payal Dhare

Esports in India has transitioned from a casual pastime to a modern ‘multi-sport’ phenomenon, officially acknowledged by the government. According to the latest FICCI-EY report titled ‘#Reinvent: India’s media & entertainment sector is innovating for the future’, participation in Esports tournaments soared to 1.8 million in 2023, encompassing various prominent titles and competitive levels, with an anticipated rise to 2.5 million in 2024. Moreover, game streamers experienced a significant surge in viewership, particularly in Tier-II cities, witnessing an increase of 20% to 25%.

Reflecting on the discussion regarding the exponential growth of Esports in India with the Prime Minister, Animesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO of 8Bit Creatives and Co-Founder of S8UL, remarked, “It was an immense honor to engage in a dialogue with our esteemed Prime Minister Modi and discuss the rapid ascent of Esports in India, while also sharing our vision for revolutionizing the future. I was deeply impressed by the Prime Minister’s understanding of the industry’s intricacies, particularly his emphasis on the need for governmental support rather than regulation. We deliberated on fostering a conducive business environment for gaming and articulated our aspirations at the highest level. Gaming has now become mainstream, and with the government’s backing, we can elevate it to new heights.”

Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur, Co-founder & CMO of 8Bit Creatives and co-founder of S8UL, described the experience as surreal, stating, “Being in the presence of the Prime Minister, discussing a topic dear to my heart, was truly surreal. Who would have thought I’d be gaming with the Prime Minister and personally guiding him through the intricacies of a game centered around Indian mythology? I hope this moment serves as a turning point for gaming and esports in India.”

Reflecting on the interaction, Payal Dhare expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to discuss the prospects for female gamers in India with the Prime Minister. She noted his attentive listening and his ability to succinctly differentiate between esports and gaming content creation. Dhare also highlighted the Prime Minister’s vision for game development in India, centered around Indian culture and environmental issues, expressing hope that it would propel Indian games onto the global stage.

Lokesh ‘Goldy’ Jain, Co-founder of 8Bit Creatives, expressed his pride in the outcome of the discussion, anticipating positive outcomes for the industry. He emphasized the significance of having representatives from 8Bit Creatives engage in discussions with the Prime Minister, aligning with his vision for the future of gaming and esports in India.

Throughout the discussion, participants delved into various aspects of gaming, including esports, game development, its impact on youth, India’s global presence in the industry, and shared their personal journeys, challenges, and successes.

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