This Startup is Empowering The (BoP) Base of Economic Pyramid of India, The People Belonging to Blue/Grey Collar Sector


Just.Jobs is a platform that acts as a bridge between a potential employer and a job seekers looking for jobs in the blue/grey collar sector.Launched back in 2016, Just.Jobs has become one of the most reliable platforms and a one stop destination for informal workforce recruitment. It is a free job search site based in Delhi which has been successfully empowering the (BOP) Base of Economic Pyramid of India.

How It Started

Kishore Beniwal, the CEO of Just.Jobs who was also a blue-collar worker for 4 years, found the need to come up with a platform to bridge the gap between a potential employer and a job seeker looking for employment in the blue/grey collar sector. His first-hand experience and understanding the discipline this sector is in need played a great role in the success of this endeavor.

In the words of the founder of Just.Jobs, Kishore Beniwal:

“It is not easy to run such a startup, especially in a country like India where white-collar jobs are always preferred but I know the importance of this platform and have launched it to empower the informal workforce and instead of disrupting the sector, choose to organize it with Just.Jobs.

Today, Just.Jobs have come a long way since it was launched in partnership with SR Madhukar who is in charge of finances and operations.

Creating Milestones Early On

The effort to bridge the gap between the employers and workers of the blue-collar sector was well received by the mass. It was the need of the hour. Within a span of just 17 months, it crossed 20k+ employer registration that included prominent small to large scale companies as well as startups all across India.

Today, it has registered 35,000+ SMBs & startups including renowned names like Flipkart, BigBasket, UrbanClap, Reliance, Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Jugnoo, and CrossRoads.

The number of job seekers searching for latest job vacancieson this free job portal keeps multiplying on a daily basis. People come to this platform to search for all kinds of entry-level or blue/grey collar jobs such as cooks, delivery, driver, accountant, tailor, teacher, receptionist, and beautician jobs. Now, it is easier than ever before to find an informal job.

What Sets Just.Jobs Apart?

Just.Jobs is unlike those traditional and complex job boards. It has come up with a matchless design to give you a great user experience. Moreover, to further add convenience, Just Jobs’ job search app is also available which allows jobseekers to search for and apply to jobs on the go.

It is one of the most trusted job portals when it comes to hiring and recruitment within the informal sector. Since it allows employers to post jobs for free, Just.Jobs is the solution for many startups with monetary constraints.

The portal allows jobseekers to make an organized search as they can browse jobs by categories such as Sales Jobs, Cook Jobs, Driver Jobs, Tailoring Jobs, Delivery Jobs, and so on. This system of dividing jobs into different categories overcame the obstacles faced by the company initially to connect skill with the appropriate opportunities and attract employers.

With the portal’s search filter, one can effectively search for jobs by cities such as delivery jobs in Mumbaior Cook Jobs in Delhi. It has listed all the major cities across India where blue-collar jobs are on the rise including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Work Culture

Just.Jobs creates a friendly working environment where everyone is treated with respect and trust. Employees are provided flexible working hours and anyone who faces an issue can be upfront about it as a friendly culture helps employees stay motivated and enthusiastic to work.

As Kishore Beniwal, the CEO says:

“We as an organization believe that it becomes our responsibility to contribute towards growth and advancement, not only of our organization but also, of our employees and motivate them to accept challenges positively and push each other and themselves to create a better future and opportunities for themselves as well as for the organization.”

Pricing Model

The portal remains forever free for job seekers. The employers don’t have to pay to post their first job. If they like the platform and desire to continue posting, they are required to pay a minimum fee to post any further job, which is comparatively much lesser than other job portals in our competition. The company calls it a freemium model. Other than that, Just.Jobs offers 2 more pricing models to assist hiring needs of all types of employers hiring informal workforce.

Just.Jobs in the News

Just.Jobs have been featured in several prominent news channels including Aaj Tak, The Telegraph, Business Today, India Today, and many more, all for good reasons.

What is the Future of Just.Jobs?

In a country of 125 crores population where 60-70 percent is involved with the informal working sector either directly or indirectly, people need and will still need a platform like Just.Jobs to connect talent with opportunity.  Also, this percentage has a wide selection of jobs to choose from anywhere, anytime. All it needs is a platform where the job opportunities can be advertised.

The white-collar sector has an easy way of providing employment opportunities and acquiring them but blue-collar jobs don’t.

No one wants to jump in a sinking ship. Just.Jobs has created a strong foundation with a clear focus and knows where it is going. It is going to be around for a long time providing a platform to connect talent with opportunities.   

Whether you are looking for beautician jobs in Pune, peon Jobs in Delhi, housekeeping jobs in Hyderabad or any other informal job in any city, Just.Jobs is the right portal for you to get employment.

Future Goals

Just.Jobs plans to expand its outreach to 25 big cities of India and in other countries like USA, Australia, and others. Including different regional languages is another goal that the company has in mind. It is to bridge the language barrier between employers and employees belonging to different regions, who speak different languages. The company also wants to transform the informal job sector into a digital platform which can easily connect job seekers and employers regardless of geographical distance.

Just.Jobs is constantly trying to evolve as a company that bridges the gap between talent and opportunity. It is also continuously working to improve its job seeker’s mobile app to allow a seamless job hunting experience. In the long term, the company wants to be the most trusted and respected organization in the informal job sector in India and worldwide.

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