Reasons to Use Oil Free Air Compressor


Air compressors are handy machines that have wide use in industry, but people also in non-commercial settings, like for DIY work around houses, yards, or cars. Industrial-grade units are mostly oil-lubricated because they are more suitable for heavy use. Lubrication is necessary to cool the system and reduce its wear and tear.
On the other hand, oil-free compressors find their purpose in garages, tool sheds, and smaller workshops. Their work method is the same as oil-lubed units. But instead of this liquid, they use other cooling and lubricating means, such as water or Teflon coating on rotary parts, which makes them more eco-friendly.
That’s why industrial users are increasingly turning to these machines. You don’t even have to buy it, as air compressor rental oil-free providers allow you to get this machine for a fraction of its purchase cost anytime you need it. And that’s not the only benefit you can enjoy.

Less Maintenance Needed

Oil-lubed systems should always be topped off with this fluid to ensure smooth operation. In case of failures and physical damage, the system can use more lubricant than usual. It may not be a big expense, but these costs can add up over time. Plus, there are regular compressor servicing, refills, and filter replacements, so as cleaning or changing discharged air treatment filters.
Compressors that don’t use oil don’t have this problem. However, the unit’s gearbox needs some fluid for lubrication, so it’s not entirely oil-free. You have to check its levels from time to time to prevent costly breakdowns. Still, it’s certainly less of a hassle than regular servicing of oil-lubed compressors.
Also, because there’s no oily lubricant in the system, these units don’t need specific compartments for its storage. That makes them lighter and more compact, and thus easier to transport and use, even outside the plant and workshops.

Better Energy Efficiency

Air compressors that don’t use oil but other lubrication means most often have speed regulators. These features not only optimize the operation of these machines but also affect lower power and fuel consumption. Also, the lack of fluids in these systems maintains the inner pressure, which means you don’t have to force the unit to work at optimal levels, so you won’t use more energy/fuel than needed.
Standard, oil-injected air compressors do have their benefits, as you can read here. But they might have trouble starting when the temperature is low. When it’s cold, oil solidifies and becomes thick and slimy, which can cause clogs and malfunctions within the circuits and complete stoppage. But when there’s no oily lubricant in the system, air compressors can be used without problems, even at low temperatures.
Lower Costs

When the system doesn’t require oily lubricant, there will be no need for topping up this fluid or replacing it. Besides reducing the servicing needs for this type of compressor, it also cuts the costs related to its maintenance. With the already-mentioned energy savings, it’s clear that eco-friendly air compressors are more profitable than lubed ones.
Also, the initial purchase costs are on the oil-free compressor side. If we look at units of the same power and size, machines that don’t need oily lubricants cost less. Even when both models cost the same, the advantage is on the side of the oil-free unit due to the savings it achieves through optimal energy use and lower maintenance.

More Eco-Friendly

With the advancement of industry and technology, industries implement more machines and tools that have a low carbon footprint. By using an oil-free air compressor, the amounts of harmful fumes that result from oil burning are reduced.
Not only is the damage to the environment less but also the direct risk to those who use the compressor is less. With oil-lubed compressors, it has always somehow happened that a certain amount of this liquid gets into the compressed air and thus pollutes the environment. These fumes also lower the quality of compressed air, which can affect the final output.
But when there’s no oil in the system, it can’t reach the air chamber and gets inside the compressed air. So, no pollutants and toxins get released, which drastically reduces the environmental impact of these work machines.

More Widespread Use

Due to all the mentioned benefits, and especially due to the lower environmental impact, air compressors with no oily lubricants have a wider application than robust, industry-grade, fluid-flooded units. Clean compressed air complies with the high standards of industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food production, aerospace, energy exploration, etc., because it doesn’t pollute sensitive matters and raw materials.

Investing in an oil-free air compressor is an excellent deal, especially if you run a small business. It’s a cost-effective working machine that provides the same output as oil-lubed units but with a host of benefits, especially regarding the environmental impact and your budget.

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