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5 Steps To Promote Your Startup


A great startup needs attention and here are some great ways to get just that. 

1. Write And Submit A Press Release 

Press releases provide an easy way to get your product or brand known. The trick is to find something newsworthy about the startup. One way to do this is to write about the launch, a recent funding round, or an upcoming event in the company.  Creating a catchy press release is one thing; submitting it is another. Luckily, there are dozens of Press Release platforms (e.g., PR Newswire and PR Web) that you can submit yours at. The idea here is to submit to as many platforms as possible. Chances are several of them will pick it up and publish it. Although a press release might not have a significant impact on your SEO, it certainly will help with online reputation management. 

2. Reach Out To Influencers On Social Media 

Working with individual journalists or influencers on social media can help boost your startup’s visibility. They can feature your startup on the channels, or even better, set up and interview. The best thing about interviews is you can give as much information about your company as possible. The huge following that these journalists have provides just the perfect platform to get your brand known. 

Finding a journalist or influencer to work with is one of the challenges many startups face. Nonetheless, you can start by identifying and researching influencer’s you’d want to work with, then contact them.  PR companies should be the first place you look before turning to other avenues. Ask your friends and colleagues to help identify or refer an influencer. 

3. Share Existing But Trending Stories 

Commonly known as newsjacking, doing a write-up on a trending story can give you much-needed attention. This move is both risky and tricky, a reason you want to be careful with the story you choose to hijack. Jumping on the bandwagon could get your story or input featured in follow-up pieces, creating a name for yourself.  Although a risky move, sharing a trending story or stories could help generate tons of traffic to your website. 

4. Participate In Local Events 

Taking part in local events as a startup can help boost its visibility locally. You don’t necessarily need to invest money in the event but take on tasks that would earn the business some recognition. This can be in the form of volunteering for a charity event, taking part in conferences with exhibition stands, signing up as a guest speaker, or lending out your sound equipment, or branded T-shirts. Be sure to ask everyone in your team to brandish the company colors at the event. Hosting such events would also be an excellent way to boost visibility and recognition.  

5. Start A Content Marketing Campaign 

Social media is the first place most media publications and journalists fish for information and inspiration. Use social media to your advantage by publishing quality and informative content about your product and niche. Publish such content regularly to attract the desired attention, and don’t stop. Once people start noticing the kind of content you publish, more and more will start to follow your page. This also means you can convert most of these into potential or loyal customers. 

These are some of the best ways to market and promote a startup. When done right, a simple content marketing campaign or a press release could have your startup featured in the media. While you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight, the idea is never to quit. Monitor your marketing campaigns and make the necessary changes to make them more effective. It is just a matter of time before more prominent publications take notice and publish a feature or more about your company. The beauty of this is you don’t have to invest more than you can afford to get the recognition your business deserves.  Do not let anything hold you back, Take the first step.

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