6 Tips To Get The Best Home Builder In Brisbane


According to the latest Brisbane housing market insights, despite ongoing snap lockdowns, the residential market in Brisbane has had a stellar year. The typical slow-moving property market in Brisbane has continued to rise following the pandemic, which could cause house prices to rise to 15 percent in the coming year and double by 2023.

A builder is a vital part of the process – after all, purchasing land and building a home is a serious undertaking that should provide long-term security and happiness. Your home builder in Brisbane must work closely with you because they play a vital role in the project. So what’s the best way to begin? In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips to narrow down your choices until you are left with the best building partner.

  • Decide Which Land To Buy First.

You might get a lure to jump straight to this step after choosing your house design. But take a few minutes to ensure that you have a fantastic area, too. It is a wise decision to invest inland. Besides affecting the value of your home, it directly affects the quality of your life. You’ll enjoy the convenience of a safe, friendly community with nearby amenities, access to transport, or even employment hubs, and prospective homebuyers will be more interested in your property. Choosing an appropriate house design for any lot size or shape is easy with the help of a good builder. You might be limited on what land you can build on if you choose a house first.

  • Make Sure All Licenses And Insurances Are In Order.

You should never assume that your builders are who they claim to be. If you seek work from a licensed tradesman in Queensland, ensure they have the appropriate qualifications. If a builder disappears, dies, or the business folds, make sure they have home indemnity insurance (a Certificate of Currency). Do not work with a builder who does not have one of these.

  • Look For Disputes In The Building.

What past or current disputes does your prospective builder have? By contacting the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, you will know about the builder’s previous performance. In cases of disputes, the quality of work or reliability may be questionable.

  • Analyse Past Work

Checking references – past projects that a builder has been involved in and completed – makes perfect sense. You will be able to see what size and scope of work were constructed in the past and how high the quality of the workmanship and materials are. Contact past clients of the builder to learn about their service and delivery timeframes.

  •  They Should Not Overextend Themselves With Current Commitments.

Are your builders currently working on any projects? The availability of the supervisor for your job will impact his work schedule and frequency of job supervision. Often, builders overpromise and overcommit, which causes challenging completion times or hiring subcontractors who produce sub-standard work. Your contractor should provide definite dates and commitments about project management.

  • Make Sure The Maintenance Period Is Ongoing.

Generally, builders should commit to at least six months of maintenance after work has been completed, wherein they will be available to address any issues that may arise. Before signing any contract, confirm this with a written document.

Get Yourself The Best Builders In Brisbane

You should trust an experienced home builder in Brisbane with the emotional and financial investment you’re making. They should be passionate and dedicated to completing your renovation or extension on time, on budget, and to perfection. A trusted builder’s contract will also contain clauses that stipulate certain guarantees and warranties, which are meant to protect you if additional works are needed after the building is completed.

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