The ROI of viAct’s EHS Management Software for Manufactures


The manufacturing industry is witnessing a remarkable hike and transformation all across the world, with particular momentum being seen in countries like India, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. The “Make in India” initiative undertaken by the Government of India, has catalyzed the expansion of the Indian manufacturing sector, by attracting foreign investments and encouraging domestic production. Similarly, Vietnam, well-known for its skilled labor and competitive costs, has also become the hotspot for automotive and electronic manufacturing. Along the same line, Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom that is making the headlines each day for its efforts at diversifying its economy through its ‘Vision 2030’ initiative, includes substantial investments in the non-oil sectors, like manufacturing. These countries are welcoming with open arms, the modern technologies and innovative practices for turning themselves into attractive destinations for businesses looking to expand themselves.
As these manufacturing hubs continue to grow and evolve and the present manufacturing landscape becomes highly competitive; the manufacturing companies are looking for ways to enhance efficiency, minimize their cost, and improve safety compliances, all while keeping the quality of their products intact. In this notion, the EHS management software (Environment, Health and Safety Management Software) is emerging as a game-changer for manufacturers. Amongst the many options available in the market, the EHS management software for the manufacturing industry, provided by viAct stands out as a best-fit solution, not just ensuring regulatory compliance, but also delivering a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Understanding the Manufacturer’s Challenge

The following are the various supply chain EHS risks that the manufacturers face in the absence of AI and computer vision-powered EHS platforms:
Operational Downtime: The manufacturing industry is one of the risk-prone industries and is vulnerable to wide range of safety risks that can lead to costly production stoppages and downtime.

Non-compliance Costs: Non-compliance to various environmental, health, and safety regulations can cost heavy fines and legal liabilities to the manufacturing companies.

EHS Risk Management: Managing various supply chain EHS risks related to manufacturing processes is both a complex and time-consuming task.

Manual Processes: The paper-based system that has traditionally been used for EHS management is inefficient, prone to errors as wells and requires extensive manpower.

viAct’s EHS Management Software for Manufacturing Industry: A Solution for the Manufacturers

viAct is an ESG-focused AI company that offers scenario-based AI solutions for wide industrial applications including the manufacturing industry. viAct’s EHS management software for the manufacturing industry leverages the power of AI and video analytics to ensure safer and more efficient manufacturing operations. Its smart video surveillance system (VSS) is designed in a way that it can address the multifaceted challenges faced by the manufacturing industry head-on. It provides a comprehensive set of solutions and features that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the manufacturing companies.

The following are some of the remarkable applications of viAct’s EHS management software for the manufacturing industry:

Machine Health Monitoring: viAct’s EHS management software can monitor the health of the manufacturing equipment, round-the-clock and detect any fault/defect present in the machines. This helps the manufacturers to predict and prevent costly breakdowns, reduce unplanned downtime as well as bring down maintenance costs.

Safety Monitoring: viAct’s smart video surveillance system is capable of monitoring and identifying in real-time any prevailing safety risk in the manufacturing plant, like worker not wearing (proper) PPE, pedestrian in vehicle (forklift) pathway, smoke & fire and the like. It can also trigger instant and real-time alerts in case any safety risk identification. This proactive approach enables immediate response to potential safety risks and aid in preventing accidents before they occur.

Inventory Management: viAct’s AI monitoring software also facilitates robust inventory management capabilities. Using the software, manufacturers can efficiently track, manage and optimize their inventory. This helps them to have the right materials at the right place, and right time, in turn minimizing wastes and reducing the carrying costs.

Compliance Management: Manufacturers often deal with an array of regulations, and maintaining compliance with those can be a daunting task. However, viAct’s AI monitoring software for manufacturing industry can ease the task of compliance management by automating the process of data collection, documentation, and reporting. This helps that the manufactures adhere to various EHS and quality control standards; minimizing the risk of costly fines and helping manufacturers maintain product quality and consistency.

Incident Management: viAct’s video surveillance system is capable of identifying and recording various incidents in the manufacturing plant, not limited to safety incidents. Whether it is an incident involving safety on the shop floor or a deviation from quality standard during the production process, viAct’ s smart video surveillance system stores all the captured insights in its centralized management platform. This offers the manufacturers a systematic approach to report, investigate and resolve the incidents. Further, this proactive approach helps minimize downtime, prevent production of substandard products and ensures that the prevailing issues are addressed promptly.

Calculating the ROI

So, how does viAct’s EHS management software for the manufacturing industry translate into tangible ROI for manufacturers? The following are the key areas where the EHS management software delivers significant value:
Cost Savings: viAct’s EHS management software enables manufacturers to save legal fees, compliance-related fines, and insurance premiums, by automating compliance management and minimizing the likelihood of incidents.

Reduced Downtime: The AI-powered EHS management software enables quicker incident resolution and improved risk management, leading to lesser production stoppages, and increased revenue.

Increased Productivity: viAct’s EHS management software helps streamline workflow, enabling employees to focus on their core tasks, rather than administrative EHS paperwork.

Long-term Savings: The AI-powered EHS management software for manufacturers is itself a long-term investment that continues to deliver ROI as it helps manufacturers to adapt to changing regulations and market demands.

Improved Reputation: A strong commitment to safety and compliance enhances a manufacturer’s reputation, attracting more customers and investors.


Thus, viAct’s AI-enabled EHS management software offers manufacturers a powerful tool to improve safety, compliance, and efficiency. By automating compliance processes, reducing downtime, and enhancing risk management, viAct’s software delivers a substantial return on investment. Manufacturers who invest in viAct’s EHS solution not only protect their employees and the environment but also strengthen their bottom line, making it a wise choice for any manufacturing company looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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