Bed Mats For Incontinence: Benefits And Care Guide


Incontinence products make the lives of innumerable elderly people in Australia easier. Before its advent, people had to struggle with the shame and trouble that comes with the condition.

Fortunately, there is a disposable and reusable bed mat for incontinence along with other beneficial products. It is vital that those with incontinence experience life in a dignified and comfortable way.

Incontinence may be of different kinds including urinary incontinence. It happens when people lose bladder control when there is the pressure exerted during sneezing or coughing.

Overflow incontinence is another issue that people face. Whatever the type may be, there has to be a proper solution to address them. 

Why use a reusable bed mat for incontinence?

It is the most widely used solution to combat the problem. Most of the elderly and sick people spend more time resting on their beds. Bed mats are a kind of sheet that is waterproof and protects the mattress. So whether there are nighttime accidents or if someone has a significant loss of bladder control, these products can be helpful.

The reasons that cause bedwetting are varied and include bladder disorders, neurological issues, side effects of medication, and such.

Should one choose Disposable or Reusable?

This debate is still unresolved as both have their benefits. Both disposable and reusable are available today. While the former sells because of its single-use nature and is easy to handle, the latter is an eco-friendlier option and can save costs in the long run.

By buying a reusable bed pad, one can use it for long periods after simply washing it after every use. One can significantly reduce wastage.

Which size should one buy?

Like beds, bed mads also come in different sizes. 34* 36 is the right choice for a twin-size bed and is the most commonly bought size.

There are also bed mats available in different sizes that one can use to cover furniture or wheelchairs.


The advantages of these products are two-fold. They offer peace and security to the wearer and instil confidence. As they do not have to fear embarrassment or worry about an accident.

Secondly, it causes no discomfort. It can be helpful in the following cases:

To protect furniture:

Disposable bed mats are highly preferred to protect furniture around the house. Some even come with adhesives. So one can stick them to surfaces of couches, chairs, and other places.

Bedside Toilets:

Placing commodes near beds make things so much easier for the user. So keeping underpads near it can protect the surface from spillage.

Inside the car:

Some elderly experiencing incontinence dread car rides and travelling, mainly because of the fear of spillage accidents. It is a crippling fear that keeps them from enjoying life to the fullest. But with incontinence products in Australian sites, one can have fun without worrying about other issues—no more worrying about luxury leather seats being spoiled, as the pads will protect them. Changing seat covers is a stressful affair so taking precautions is a wise choice.

Tucks and Wings:

Thanks to innovations, all products become more efficient and user-friendly with each passing day. The same applies to bed pads that now come with wings and tucks.

The wings enable the user to tuck the mat under the bed to stop it from sliding. It is good to choose these if the user is a restless sleeper and moves constantly.

Bed mats are among the many inventions that make life less stressful. It is essential in households with elderly members.

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