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Sales were hitting its lowest by the year 2014. CEOs of big organizations had given up on the selling market. The economy was getting affected. Unemployment was something that happened day-in and day-out.

The only thing that caused all these problems was the dip in sales. All sales techniques had failed. Even the biggest of organizations were just surviving. Selling techniques needed a new angle or only a miracle could happen.

You could say just then a miracle happened and Mihir Shah founded Yatharth Marketing solutions. Well, His career began much before all of this. He thought of Defeating these selling problems with a new structure of sales training. Which he called Product-based Sales training.

Who is this Sales genius, Mihir Shah?

With a sales experience of about ten years in the sales industry, he definitely is a Sales genius. He has an acute knowledge of sales. He gained this sales knowledge with the years of sales experience he has.

mihir shah
Mihir Shah

He has provided his sales training service to small organizations as well as some of the few organizations of the Fortune 500.

He has worked as a senior sales manager for Google, Nirma, Videocon, NextEducation India, OnePrintShop, APCO Group, Design N’ Buy PVT. LTD., Amity University, Xerox, and many more.

He has put his own personal sales experience into his Sales training. This makes sales training more realistic and connected. Even today, he himself gives the sales training.

What was their first obstacle?

So as mentioned earlier, they give a unique Sales training to their clients. That is they give Product-based customized sales training. The problem that arrived here was, they did have enough knowledge of all products. This caused the loss of many new clients.

Feeding into this situation, the business did not pick up as expected. For the first year and a half things did get a little tight for the company. Especially for Mihir Shah, his dreams of changing the sales world had come to a standstill.

He knew he had to work on this issue as soon as possible, otherwise, glory days would turn into sorrow days. It is not like he had given up hopes but that was one rough patch for YMS. Surely they haven’t seen a patch like that again in the following years.

What did they do to solve the issue to finally get a breakthrough?

With so much sales experience, Mihir Shah definitely knew how to get out of tight situations. He had already seen enough of the stagnancy in growth. He then decided to try something new. So he hired Experienced Sales trainers, and told them his concept.

Now what they did is, YMS used it’s own Sales training techniques and delivered them via experienced sales trainers. So like that way the experienced Sales trainers had knowledge of products and the clients were happy that they got YMS’s sales training.

This idea of Mihir shah boosted the business and all of a sudden the glory days had begun. After a few years, Mihir shah took the sales training into his own hands. Since then there has been no looking back for YMS. in today’s day and age just six years into the business, they are India’s #1 Sales training company.

A little detail on why they are different.

Why are they different? The difference in their sales training comes from the concept they have adapted for Sales training.

YMS has followed this concept from the beginning. So what do they do? They do a detailed study of your product, your organization, and your sales team’s psychology. Only after that, they will come to your organization for sales training. The reason they do this is that it becomes easier for your sales team to apply the learning from the Sales training.

For e.g., what other Sales training companies do is, they provide general Sales training. When a sales team receives general sales training like that, they have to put extra effort while selling. It is so because the general sales training had nothing to do with regard to the company’s product. 

So Yatharth Marketing solutions make life easy for the salesmen. To add this feature, during Sales training YMS does roleplay. Which means that they do a whole selling scene. They call a salesman from your organization and ask him to sell something to a trainee. Mihir Shah, on the other hand, will witness the sales process. After the sales process is completed, he will tell the Salesman where changes need to be made in his selling technique. There again you get a live experience of selling.

Other than just on-ground sales training, YMS has indulged in Online Sales Training. The online sales training is most likely for individuals. The main reason being the low cost. If you do read YMS’s website you can check their pricing list do get the price details.  

Each sales training of theirs ends with a question & answer session. Where both Mihir Shah and the Sales team can ask questions to each other. This Q&A also applies to Online sales training.

If in case you do wish to read the expertise on different Sales training tips, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneur Development skills, corporate management skills, etc., you always have a look on their website.

YMS has been very transparent about certain things, unlike other Sales training companies. One major thing being the pricing details. Personally I have never seen some open declare their price list. Now you as a reader would say they are expensive. No doubt they cost a little extra, but for that little extra they are giving you the best Sales training.

They provide you with blogs to read on and improve your selling skills. They have really tried their best to bring in a change into this once upon a time dull sales market.

Where do they see themselves in the future?

They have already achieved a lot over the years. One would think what else do they want to achieve. But the fact is Yatharth Marketing solutions do have one armor left.

For the past few years, they have made things easy for Corporate companies by providing them with sales training. Unfortunately, their high pricing did not suit the individuals. It is but obvious that no individual would pay such a big amount for Sales training. That according to YMS is possible to solve.

To help individuals, YMS has come with an online sales training seminar. This seminar will be a monthly sales training seminar. The sales training seminar will be held every 3rd Saturday of the month. The sales training seminar is almost 10 times cheaper than on-ground Sales training.

Not only does the relationship end after the sales training but YMS offers three-month support to the individuals post the Sales training.

These sales training seminars will not only help individuals in developing selling skills. Sales training seminars also offer training in Leadership skills, Personality development skills, Entrepreneurship skills, etc. So basically it’s not just sales training but a lot more for a very low rate.

Wish to know who their Clients are?

In terms of their clients, one thing is for sure, no client has ever wanted to depart from YMS. Once you become a client of Yatharth Marketing Solution, it will be an ever-lasting bond.

YMS today has many companies as their clients. Many of them are the biggest names in the market. The client companies are Amazon. In, Tally, Mahindra finance, Addo Platinum, Procter& Gamble, Aditya Birla Group, NCC, Girnar, Saregama Carvaan, Eastman Industries, Maxxis tires, Align connect, Prolink Security, Proton bits, VIVO and many more.

The Client page of YMS’s website contains the complete list of YMS’s clients. If you do want to read some of the reviews of the clients, you can find them on their Testimonial page.

Just a description of the extra support that YMS offers to its clients. So YMS and Tally share a very close bond. YMS has provided Tally with tally training as well as Recruitment. Whenever Tally needs the requirement of sales staff, YMS has provided them with potential Salesmen. This is not just with Tally but also with other clients as well.

So if you ask me, have they accomplished their mission? Yes, they definitely have made a drastic change in the sales world for a lot of their clients.

On the other hand, if you ask the same question to Mihir Shah, he will say, “we can do better”. That is because his belief is “When better is possible, Good is not enough”.


Now that you have read this amazing success story of Yatharth Marketing Solutions do let me know in the comment section how it has inspired you. I am one hundred percent sure that it will motivate many to start their own sales training company. 

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