How Idbook hotels is creating employment opportunities through village tourism


Idbook hotels is working on its mission of promoting village tourism with India’s 664,369 villages. It wishes to multiplex employment opportunities to those local people who went to their hometown leaving their jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic. It has been working towards the government mission of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, being a part of it.

People are only aware of and inclined towards hill stations like Shimla, Manali, etc but Idbook wants to discover the natural beauty, freshness, culture, norms, and much more of rural areas. Idbook hotels have been branding and selling tour packages to the picturesque villages of India like Kasol. As days are passing, people are getting more awareness of rural beauty and thus they are becoming part of the Atma Nirbhar mission, hence, getting employment opportunities and trips.

How village tourism is the earning source of villagers

Local villagers can earn via selling homestays, local cuisines, becoming local guides, renting their vehicles like scooters, home made local crafts and cuisines, folk music, dance, puppet shows, theatre/street dramas, Agri tourism, Organic farming, Fam stays, herbal products, tea estates, Yoga and meditation centres, Eco zones within or around the village,  Rural sports and cultural events  National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, Unique tribal culture, and Proximity to existing tourism circuits. 

Also, Idbook is investing in organising its own homestays, hotels, camping, trekking, etc to take the village to the next level of tourism. Thus, there will be greater development in the beautiful villages like Kausani, in Uttrakhand in the range of Himalayas,  Dodital in Uttarkashi, pilgrimages of India, religious spots, historical buildings, cultural monuments, etc.

It has been focusing on building Heritage and Maintenance, Hygiene and basic service standards, Special experiences and value-added travel services. The team of Idbook hotels has been engaging in community participation to implement its strategies on the best level. The concerned positions have claimed to keep track of Environmental impact and Destination sustainability. Also, the Marketing team ensures the responsible Tourism Sales and Marketing with standard branding of scenic villages of India. They will bring the hidden treasure of rural areas into limelight with its model policies and best practices.

Currently, the focus is on digital technologies and platforms for rural tourism awareness, developing clusters for rural tourism, Marketing support for rural tourism, and Capacity building of stakeholders. Idbook is expanding its reach to third parties for service collaborations to set up an earning system for rural people.

Idbook claims that Indian villages have unparalleled culture, craft, music, dance and heritage to

offer to the visitors. India has huge potential for related areas such as Eco-tourism, Nature

Reserves, Wildlife tourism. Expansion of road infrastructure has made most of the rural areas accessible. Apart from the mainland rural areas, India has coastal, Himalayan, desert,

forest and tribal areas amongst others for tourists.

Shubham K. Sahu, Founder & CEO of Idbook hotel, said,” The strength that is moving us forward is

well-developed agriculture and farms, Beautiful climate conditions and Biodiversity. We can give convenient stay facilities and experiences to our travellers.”

About Idbook hotels

Idbook hotels is the hourly hotel chain and travel company. It started with the vision of budget-friendly hotel rooms providing short time rooms. As time passed, it built a chain of 500+ hotels with the hotel franchising model providing service with no standard time of check-in, checkout. Thus, not only hoteliers are increasing their revenue by selling their empty room slots through innovative 4,8,12 hours stay period ideas but also consumers have found a convenient option. Secondly, it has a subsidiary of tour package services, the part of which is the mission of expanded village tourism.

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