How to Engage with you Employees better?


The start-ups and business organisation often ignore the importance of employee engagement. Once a candidate is hired, the human resource management often fail to have policies or strategies developed to assure motivation and energy in the employee at work. However, an employee engagement is an essential factor to consider in order to have a better rate of employee retention. Employee engagement promotes stability among employees encouraging them to stay longer in the company.

Before understanding how to engage with employees, one must understand the types of employees an organisation may have. There are engaged employees who make their workplace a second home. They are among the upcoming leaders and will stay for long. The second group is the non-engagement employees who are happy with their jobs but perform only the tasks that are assigned to them. One needs a right approach to engage them. The third category is the disengaged employees who tend to be negative towards the organisation. They, in fact, end up spreading a lot of negativity among other employees and are likely to leave. As per Aventr report, it is known that only 1 out of three employees is an organisation belong to the engaged category.

Here is how the human resource managers can bring employee engagement in an organisation

Give Recognition

Appreciation or recognition are one of the most vital factors for active employee engagement. You may reward them for their exceptional work with gift coupons or offer monetary benefits. Consider Conducting monthly meeting and recognise employees’ efforts.

Give Right Tools to Work

Job satisfaction is directly proportional to the company’s infrastructure. The human resource should be fair enough in providing the tools that these employees need. Any tools that can quicken their work process with only make them motivated and increase the overall efficiency at work.

Try to Destress Them

Other than the stressful work, you may Organize fun activities sometimes. Plan a tour with them or organise parties as an annual reward.

Start an Open Communication

Conduct employee surveys, organise team meetings and allow them to use suggestion boxes. Listen to their problems and suggestions. This form of engagement can possibly help in the growth of the organisation overall.

Give Training

Employees expect a continuous growth culture in an organisation. They expect a rising graph in their careers. Thus, regular training is vital to help them gain more skills. While some training should be a part of their work, some should belong to creating a sense of motivation and engagement among them. Remember, one feels motivated when he learns something new.

Social media interaction

Share your numbers and stay interactive with the employees on social media. It is good to keep sharing what’s up with the company. It makes them feel a part of the organisation.

Engage Right from the Start

Right from day one, you should remain interactive. Attach a mentor or a work buddy with the new joinee. It will make him feel a part of the organisation right from day one.

Provide Regular Feedback

Performance review phrases and feedback on a regular basis helps in employee engagement. Reviews will help them update their skills, and they are likely to perform as per the company’s expectations. Use an informal mode of communication sometimes.

Promote the Company Culture

Let the employees know the company’s goals, mission and values. Motivate them to fit in them by recognising both the organisation and their personal benefits.

Allow them a Work-life Balance

Avoid making employees work overtime without incentives. Also, allow them to work from home option for a few days.

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