A-List of the Trucks Available for Sale in the Market


The long, scenic and peaceful roads of the Land Down Under are a perfect fit for truckers. For people in the trucking business, looking for trucks for sale might be time-consuming. In addition, the wide variety of choices can be intimidating for those new to the industry. This article will help anyone who is undecided about which type of truck to buy to fit their needs.

Popular Types of Trucks

Cab Chassis

Cab chassis is simply a pickup truck without a bed. This type is versatile and can be converted to other types, such as service body, crane upfit, and the dump body. The modification determines where this truck can be used, which includes:

  • Landscaping
  • Agriculture
  • Electrical
  • Medical
  • Waste management
  • Construction
  • Forestry

Crane Truck

As the name implies, crane trucks are trucks fitted with cranes, a simple machine used to lower, lift, or move heavy objects. Currently, there are four different types of crane trucks available in the market. These are:

  • Truck-mounted
  • Knuckle boom
  • Rough-terrain
  • All-terrain


Another type of truck whose function is obvious in its name, curtainsiders or curtain side trucks are a hybrid between a dry van and a flat deck. It offers the convenience of flat deck trucks, which is the easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Unlike flat deck trucks, a curtainsider provides cover when needed, thanks to the ‘false’ walls and roofs made from a tarp. 

Prime Mover

Otherwise known as ‘puller vehicles’, prime movers have strong engines capable of hauling bulky and trailered loads. Prime movers can be categorized into six categories based on trailer towing arrangement. These categories are listed below:

  • Prime mover towing a semi-trailer
  • Prime mover with semi-trailer towing a pig trailer
  • Prime mover with semi-trailer towing with a dog trailer
  • Prime mover with semi-trailer towing a dog trailer and a pig trailer
  • B-Double
  • B-Triples

Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated trucks are insulated vehicles with a refrigeration unit attached to them. They are also called reefer trucks or reefer trailers and are designed for longer transport. On the other hand, refrigerated vans or reefer vans are smaller transportations for shorter transit.

The refrigeration unit or reefer unit is normally situated at the top of the cab, and a data logger can be inserted to record the temperature throughout the travel period.

Service Vehicle

Service trucks are heavy vehicles that weigh between 26,000-33,000 pounds, sometimes even heavier. Most trucks of this type run on diesel. They are equipped with safety cranes, lift arms, and ladders that can extend up to 20 feet. Due to its relatively high price, used service vehicles are usually purchased by those looking for trucks for sale.


Also called dump trucks or lorries, tipper trucks are used to transport loose materials such as sand, gravel, and asphalt. There are many types of tipper trucks available, but the most common are the rigid rear and the articulated dump trucks. The former is usually found in mining sites, whereas the latter can also be used in civil industries.

Water Truck

Based on its name, water trucks are used to carry huge amounts of water. Its many uses include dust control, fire control, soil compaction, and farming. Aside from the main tank, a controlled spray nozzle is fitted for water distribution.

Whether you are in the industrial or logistics sector, trucks are reliable modes of transport. The purpose of buying one must be clear to ensure that you will get the right type.

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