3 Guidelines to Lubricate and Maintain Your Bike


Cycling is the fifth most popular sport in Australia. One of the reasons why Aussies have increased their physical activity levels and have taken a step toward becoming a fit population. Ever since the pandemic-induced lockdown, there has been a revival in this sport in the country. Bike shops across the continent have experienced twice the sales that they did before it. 

Bike maintenance is an indispensable part of owning one. Cleaning and lubricating it well with maintenance products of companies like Morgan Blue in Australia will ensure that you benefit from a great ride. Bike maintenance products like lubricants, greasers, and oils keep the bikes up and running smoothly at all times. 

Here’s a breakdown of cleaners and lubricants to help you take care of your bike better.

Bike Cleaners 

Bike cleaners come mainly in two kinds. The first one is general or all-purpose cleaners, and the second one is degreasers and chain cleaners. Each of these types has its specific role. 

1.      General bike cleaners

A general bike wash allows you to remove stubborn dirt and mud from crucial bike components. A generalised bike wash will facilitate a smoother cleaning and washing process that takes place subsequently. General bike cleaners comprise cleaning agents that are not as strong as those found in degreasers. They are suitable for cleaning those bike parts which do not have heavy grease. You can use them in areas like your bike’s wheel frames, saddles, tires, and steering components. 

To carry out this process effectively, make sure that you’re using a quality brush set. It will allow you to get into even the most hard-to-reach areas and remove all the grime. 

2.      Degreasers and chain cleaners

Degreasers are more concentrated than general cleaning items. They perform heavy-duty cleansing of gears and chains. They are very powerful cleaners and are used to remove oils, grease, and stubborn grime. They can achieve heavy cleaning because of the inclusion of solvents in them. 

Bike Grease

Grease enables your bike to run smoothly after the cleaning process. It is water-proof and acts as a heavy lubricant. You should use it in those areas that will not be removed from the bike. It ensures that the major elements are free from water intrusion. 

The two most important areas for its application are saddle posts and bolt threads. These parts are always in touch with the metal surface for a prolonged time and are under pressure. It can cause them to seize up, and you may find it quite challenging to remove them. When you grease the bolt before tightening it, you can be assured that it will not be challenging to remove.


They are divided into:

  1. Dry lubes – Australia is known for its dry-weather roads. Cyclists in many parts of the country ride through dry and dusty terrains. High-quality dry lubes of brands like Morgan Blue in Australia dry up after they are applied to the chain. They leave a flexible lubricating film that repels dust and dirt.
  2. Wet lubes – These lubes heavier than dry ones and consist of an oil base. They are resistant to damp riding conditions and impart a wet coating of lubrication on the moving components of the bike. Wet lubes are appropriate for the winter months.

Australia is a haven for cyclists of all abilities. But to truly get the maximum out of this sport, you need to ensure that it is in optimal condition. Proper maintenance of your bike will ensure that it keeps running seamlessly on different terrains. 

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