6 Reasons Why Travertine Tiles Are the Best


The travertine is a terrestrial limestone deposit and is found near hot springs. It has a fibrous/concentric appearance in tan, white, cream, and rusty colours, and it is formed because of the rapid sedimentation of calcium carbonate in hot springs or near the limestone cave. Travertine is also called dense rock, as it can be seen in massive sizes and has a fibrous internal structure. 

Meanwhile, the travertine tiles in Sydney are famous because of the quality, colour and designs in which they are available. It was a common building material in Italy and many European countries. But today, it is used across the world for making tiles. And that’s because of the benefits it possesses as a building material. The ancient travertines have a porosity of 2% due to the crystallisation of secondary calcite in pore spaces. But, the travertine seen today has a porosity from 10% to 70%. Meanwhile, the average porosity of this material is around 26%, which is suitable for building materials.

That being said, a survey says that the construction industry is expected to grow throughout this year and next as well. A growth of 2.6% is expected after fully recovering from the pandemic. And cities like Sydney saw tremendous growth of startups and domestic businesses after the second half of the year. Besides, Sydney will soon become the hub of all the manufacturing again, as real estate is catching up with all other sectors as well. So, soon there will be high demand for interior building materials such as tiles, fabric wall panels, metal panels, wall paints, plywood, glass, wood, and many more.

So, the reasons why people prefer travertine tiles over other materials is explained below:

  • Affordable

The tiles made up of travertine are considerably affordable. And usually, they are not as expensive as marble and granite tiles.

  • Variety of Colours

Its availability in different colours/designs is what makes this a popular tile material.

  • Durability

These tiles are as durable as the granite and marble tiles. And, if properly maintained, they will last for decades.

  • Ease of Replacement

Travertine tiles can be easily installed and removed without any hassle. Moreover, you can always find the tiles matching your own floor tiles in the market. And the variety of colours and designs will always help you replace the entire floor tiles or just the damaged ones without any issue. These tiles are also lightweight and can be cut into different shapes with ease.

  • Eco-Friendly

Have you ever heard of eco-friendly tiles? Well, travertine tiles are very eco-friendly and easily disposable after years of use. This is because, compared to porcelain and marble, it doesn’t go through an industrial manufacturing process. And like the other materials, there are no chemicals released when they are disposed of. Hence, for those who plan to “go green”, travertine is the answer.

  • Suitable for Wet Places

The non-slippery texture of this material makes it ideal for swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, pool decks, etc. This is because the tiles made of this material consist of microscopic holes due to their porous nature. And this quality makes it rough and non-slippery in an unpolished and unsealed state. These are the factors that make travertine tiles in Sydney such an attractive option for house owners and interior designers. So if you need affordable and durable floor tiles with a variety of colour and design options, then travertine is the material you should look for. 

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