4 Tips to Streamline Your Payroll Department


Did you know that it is illegal to not pay your employees for the work they have done? If you are currently feeling like you have an inefficient payroll department and are looking at ways to streamline your payroll department, we are here to help you. We have put together this short guide to share how your business can create a better payroll management process. 

Keep reading to get our top tips to have a more efficient payroll system. 

1. Automate Time Tracking

Trying to track your employee’s attendance and their schedules manually can be one of the most difficult aspects of payroll. Thanks to technology manually keeping track can become a thing of the past. You can use automated online payroll software to save you time and headaches. 

This will also help you eliminate human errors and get rid of friends punching each other in and out of work. 

2. Replace Paper

There is no reason to have file cabinets full of paper anymore when you can move everything over to the cloud. You will not only help save the environment but you will make payroll a lot easier. 

You can use a paperless system with direct deposit, electronic time tracking, and online pay stubs. This will, in turn, also cut down your office supply costs. You are going to notice that you have a lot more recruiting information at your fingertips along with employee information. 

3. Integrate With HR Services

Something else you can do to help streamline your payroll is to integrate your payroll with human resources services. When you have payroll separate from other employee management activities it actually increases the chances of errors because then you are dealing with double entries. 

Integrating payroll with HR activities like attendance, benefits administration, time, and headcount reporting means you will have a lot more consistency in your process and this will give you less chance for error. 

4. Self-Service

Giving employees access to a portal where they can help themselves is another great way to streamline payroll. Instead of having one employee that answers all employee questions about payroll you can set up a self-service website. 

Employees can have access to things such as payroll documents, W2 forms, pay stubs, time tracking, vacation requests, benefit plan summaries, etc. Having this type of portal will free up the time of your HR department or employee that normally takes these types of requests. They can invest their time in more important matters that need them rather than trying to pull up paystubs for current employees. 

Ready to Streamline Your Payroll Department?

We hope that now that you have our top tips on how to streamline your payroll department you are feeling more confident and better equipped to make your life easier and your employee’s lives easier as well. 

If this blog post came in handy today please keep browsing the rest of this section to catch more tips and tricks for your business. 

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