Startup companies in Bangalore

Startup companies in Bangalore


With the Make in India initiative promoted by the Government of India, youngsters and every other citizen who possesses a good idea are finding ways to set up startup companies. Most of these businesses are bringing out new ideas into the society making it feasible and accessible for every common person. Although a few companies lost it in the midway, many achieved their goal and are now successfully running their businesses in profits.

An interesting part of startup companies is that most of them are utilizing the available technology to reach out to every customer. It is the significant impact that is causing a business to increase customer base, recognition, and brand value. At the same time, the idea through which they entered the market is also helping the environment. Another role player that made it possible for these companies to venture into the market is crowdfunding or finding the right investors.

It will be hard for you to digest when you know that youngsters, experienced professionals from different backgrounds, and women are all part of the startup companies. With fresh thoughts and ideas, and technological advancement is helping them to advance and compete with the mainstream companies. It is not just the idea that matters but even the role of the people who involve in it to make it into a reality and open-up a new working scenario that creates wonders and often ends up delivering positive results.


Today, we will look at the best/leading enterprises that emerged out of an idea.


  1. Zoomcarzoomcar

Founded in 2013 at Bangalore, the company is the first to focus on self-driven car rental services. With a fleet of over 3000 vehicles and presence in over 17 cities in the country, the company is in plans to expand its presence to other cities as well as different countries. David Back and Greg Morgan, American citizens, founded the company after dropping out of business school. However, in 2015, David Back resigned as the co-founder and decided to head back to the United States for personal reasons. It began operation with seven cars and the capital of $215,000.


  1. HackerEarthhackerearth

Although the story is same as that of another dorm room start-up, the main aim of the company is to focus on recruiting industrial employment efficient and straightforward. Run by two college friends, today the start-up company is rapidly growing. The main aspect is that the platform does not restrict anyone. For instance, a developer can teach marketers about programming and a salesperson can provide design inputs to the required group. As every person has a particular story to share or talk about their experiences, the company is always open to hearing about adding new stories each day.


  1. Instamojoinstamojo

The company is largest on-demand payments and e-commerce platform. With the increase in technology and use of the smartphone for payments, Instamojo aims at creating a universally accessible platform that provides new opportunities and sustainable livelihoods. The company believes that every business should be on the Internet to improve their customer base and profit. With the help of the platform, it is possible for any business owner to sell anything, create an online identity and manage everything at one place, use the available APIs to integrate with your existing website and download applications that will boost your sales and business from the App Store.


  1. Dataweavedataweave

Dataweave is an emerging company that concentrates on providing analytical solutions to businesses using publicly available data over the Internet. It is a significant boost for many businesses, as collecting customer feedback is important. With Dataweave providing the answers, it becomes easy for organizations to analyze unstructured data and gain access to unlimited sources through reports, visualizations, and APIs. As the data provides insight into the current market, it provides a better understanding of the competition, monitors the brand value, increases sales, and change the sales trend according to the offerings to the customers.


  1. Exotelexotel

Exotel falls under small and medium enterprise and is a cloud telephone service provider. The main aim of the company is to provide virtual phone numbers and other applications to businesses. The company was able to pick up funding from Angels and Blume Ventures in 2012 with approximately $500,000. With the rapid growth, the company saw a revenue growth of over INR 10 million by serving over 350 clients by the end of 2013. All this happened within a span of one year. In 2015, the company went on to acquire social media group “Croak it!” to strengthen its presence in voice telecommunication.


  1. Daily Roundsdailyrounds

Daily Rounds primarily targets doctors who are passionate and have the zeal to revolutionize the medical education. Although it is a mobile application, what makes it interesting is its ability to compile case studies and quizzes for doctors. With funding from Accel India and Asuka holding, the two-year-old start-up is aiming to add more base to the platform apart from expanding the content. The application is available for both Android and iOS platform. Started in 2014 by Dr. Deepu Sebin, MD in internal medicine, the application has over 250,000 users as of today.


  1. Venturesityventuresity

Venturesity is a platform where it provides the opportunity for discovering the best talent through challenges. The team believes that it is time to show the world the skills that you possess. With the help of the platform, it is possible for anyone to showcase their abilities by participating in the challenges available on the website. Companies can quickly discover top talent based on the challenges. All the challenges on the platform are real-world, making it easy for the company to acquire a talented candidate for a particular role. The challenges include code sprints, online contests, code jams, and hackathons.


  1. Livspacelivspace

Livspace is a single destination where users can design, purchase, and furnish their dream home. With the help of the platform, it is possible to bring out the creative side of your aspect, and how you wish to decorate or want your house to be! You can browse from thousands of layouts. Additionally, you can meet a designer to discuss in detail about your living style, budget, and what you are thinking about your dream house. Once everything is ready, you can view the concept in a 3-D model, where you can request for additional changes such as changes to color, wallpaper, upholstery, and more.


  1. Lets Corpletscorp

Lets Corp, with its headquarters in Singapore, began its journey to create an enterprise in architecture in technology and business. With backup from over 100 Fortune companies, Lets Corp assists in enhancing the performance of diverse companies, reduce complex regulations to save time, lower costs, and utilize the latest technology to stimulate growth. The important role played in the company is the HR department, which approaches to the solutions using science and leveraging technology. Due to this, it becomes easy for the company to come up with solutions that reduce cost and improves efficiency at the same time.


  1. FxKart.comfxkart cultivates an innovative technology to the field of foreign exchange over the internet in a hassle-free manner. With the help of the platform, it is quick and easy for any traveler to perform a foreign exchange transaction with ease. With different exchanges already present in the field and offering different rates, it will be tough to get the best rates. However, at you can quickly find the best deals within your proximity! Furthermore, you can also watch live rates provided by the dealers. You get a 5-minute bidding window during which you can complete the transaction for the said price.


  1. Furlencofurlenco

Furlenco is a design-led company in the field of furniture. According to the founder, Ajith Karimpana, buying and selling furniture became a big task when he was moving to India from the USA. It was at this stage that he had this idea of providing attractive and excellent furniture to everyone without the process of purchasing. The company enables a user to rent furniture according to the requirement and for a particular period. Apart from furniture, the company offers décor, appliances, and accessories for rent too! The company provides an additional cost of benefits.


  1. Teeweteewe

Teewe, built by CREO is a streaming media dongle using the Android operating system. Called as Fuel OS, the system receives constant updates and tweaks according to the suggestions and ideas that users share in the community. Teewe is the first product to come out from the company, which is a HDMI wireless streaming dongle. With the help of the device, it is possible for a user to stream HD quality content from their computer or smartphone to their television. The dedicated app for Windows, iOS, and Android helps in streaming videos and play stored content from a device.


  1. NestAwaynestaway

NestAway became a solution from a concept. The aim of the company was to fix something that went wrong. NestAway uses all the three to provide an exclusive mix to owners, a solution to tenants and fixing housing rentals for the bachelors. The home rental network is allowing owners and tenants, apart from youngsters to find a home to live in a hassle-free manner. You can search for a house using different parameters right from the app. The company also provides assistance in moving-in and moving-out, apart from fulfilling the documentation procedure.


  1. Nextgennextgen

The Bangalore-based company, Nextgen, provides advisory services ranging from carbon footprint estimation, analytics, and data visualizations, which will help a company, choose the best model to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the necessary benchmarking values. Currently, the company is working with over Fortune 500 companies across 16 sectors. The company is also the first in the country to develop cloud and mobile platform, which enables a company to track, evaluate, and receive reports of their CSR performance. The results produced by them are proving successful for the clients at reduced cost. The platform is a win-win environment for everyone.


  1. Hiree.comhiree came to life in 2011. However, it began its operation in the year 2014. Today, Hiree is growing at a faster rate and providing both employees to find better jobs. Numerous recruiters are also coming forward to use the platform to select best candidates for a particular role. The ranking algorithm helps recruiters to find the best candidates based on their experience, skill set, and previous work history. With the support of the platform, it is possible for any job seeker to look towards the finest job openings from several domains such as business development, digital marketing, project management, data science, software development, and much more.


Startup companies are utilizing new technologies available to them and providing solutions to simple things that a society require. As you have seen from the above, such companies are coming out with new ideas that are helping both the customer as well as the seller. In many situations, it is a win-win scenario for all!

We are in need of more such companies, or students with fresh ideas to come out into the society and explain their projects. With investors ready to input money into an idea that they think will positively show results, there is no dearth of capital. All one requires is an idea, a passionate team, and a few results before approaching investors to present themselves how they are different from others and what they are offering.

Technology, people, like-minded people, and hard work is all that one requires in proving that even a start-up company possesses the ability to match or compete with existing companies. They even have the capacity to venture into other countries and even take over a few companies within a short span. They are not just creating companies alone but generating employment to thousands of people. We are sure to see more such companies breathe life in the coming years with technology advancing at a faster pace.


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