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Vocal music is that which focuses on the human voice as opposed to instrumental music that focuses on the music created by instruments. The human voice has been used to create music across ages and cultures. Western vocal music is that which developed in the west. Some of this music has a single line of melody and is monophonic. Others have several melodies that are sung together and are polyphonic. While still others are meant to be sung by groups of people and are called choral works. Not to complicate things, we can simply refer to Western vocals as English songs here.

If you are looking to learn Western vocals and are wondering which is the best place to learn from? Look no further! Just Google Search Music Pandit and you have arrived at your destination. Music Pandit is undoubtedly the best place to learn Western vocals online given the expert training it offers at very reasonable rates. You can access this course at just Rs.999 a month and for lifetime access to the course, all you need to pay is Rs. 2,499. It trains students using pre-recorded music videos alongside real-time guidance and feedback offered by real teachers.

The Western Vocals course at Music Pandit is taught at three levels. The first is the beginner level. It has been created for contemporary singers and emphasises on building a solid foundation for their musical development. It thoroughly mixes theory with practical application to achieve this. The focus of the course is on fundamentals of music, technical exercises, aural practices, reading and writing music and improvisation methods. It also helps students understand their voice, understand music theory, appreciate music and comprehend general musicianship. This course helps individuals scale the distance between beginner level to professional level very speedily.

For the intermediate-level course, you will be taught many more complicated vocal techniques.  These will include Vocal Projection, Embouchure, correction of the Nasal voice, Vocal Improvisation, Vocal Vibrato and bringing greater emotions and Dynamics into your singing, besides other things. Additionally, students are also introduced to varied singing styles in music genres that are popular and are taught to focus on developing their own novel and unique style of singing. What’s more, this course teaches students all techniques along with song application and covers global favourites with excellent practice routines.

The advanced level course has been developed to enable students to fine-tune their voice and command it completely. Students will be taught to understand the varied tones and understand when and how to use them. These include the pentatonic major and minor scales and students will be trained in how to improvise on them. They will also learn about harmony and how to vocalise harmony parts and to express themselves as singers. In addition, they will be taught to take care of their vocal health and be given practice in preparing for a performance whether it is for a studio, stage or an online one.

The Western Vocals Course is taught by Serah John who is a contemporary singer and musician. Based on her experience in the sphere she has put together this novel course to helps students become better singers. She has trained under some of the leading vocal instructors in the world and her course is a composite one covering the basics and the advanced techniques.

What makes Music Pandit perfect as an online music education platform for training students in Western Vocals is that it gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home. It has high-quality HD on-demand videos that you can access at your convenience. Interestingly, you can start where you left off with the Music Pandit auto-track feature. This platform provides you not only with a specialised practice routine but an interactive social platform too where you can interact with peers and sign up for music challenges.

Other courses offered by Music Pandit includes Hindustani Vocals, Piano courses, keyboard courses and guitar courses. Reviews of courses at Music Pandit from over 10,000 students in over 600 cities across the globe are nothing but glowing and satisfying accounts of their experiences.  Geetha G shares that the curriculum is great, education holistic and online experience personalised. Reena S states that the courses are easy to follow. Harish B feels that it is one of the few websites he has come across that motivates and excites the student aspiring to become a musician or singer. Kriti B shares that it has helped clear her mind and helped her finally find organised learning material in music. While Abhishek S vouches that the site is simple and easy to follow. Anitha P concludes that the instructors are fantastic and the content is excellent. She shares that Music Pandit gave her a complete experience and is easily the best starting point for learning music. 

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