Add Veda brings the wellness of Ayurveda delivering good quality formulations


It’s time to ditch baggage to refresh our own lives for a better future. Today we were standing in an era of rivalry, stress, pollution, hectic lifestyle, and toxic products. All these things affect our health slowly but gradually, make our skin and soul unhealthy and dull.

But the best part is our mother nature has all the solutions to these problems. We can use Ayurveda to break the cycle and for the wellness of our day to day life. Add Veda is a renowned brand that brings fresh air in your life, along with the wellness of Mother Nature.

Add Veda Lifecare Pvt. LTD. works under Dr. Jogesh Passi, a renowned doctor with over 35 years of rich experience. The name of this brand says it all. It is synonyms with nature care. This brand wants to spread the trust and goodness of nature care to lead a healthy and happy life.

People trust this brand because of the quality of the product as well. Consumers love these quality controlled ayurvedic medicines, cosmetic products, and supplements for many reasons. First of all, these are entirely chemical-free cosmetics and wellness supplements. So this product will not only enhance your beauty and lifestyle but also effortlessly combat disease.

People nowadays fear allergies and side effects before using any random product because most of these fancy products use chemicals that harm our skin and health severally. But these products are proved to give you gentle nourishment without aggravating your tendency of allergies or any other side effects. That’s because these incredible ayurvedic supplements and products are manufactured by maintaining GMP compliance.

What kind of problem you have? Is it skin or hair problem or health problems like fever, digestion problems, thyroid, asthma, diabetes, etc.? You will get superb solutions only on one website

Nowadays, our youngsters love to get a fit and healthy body. That is why they always look for great daily health supplements. But keep in mind that you need to think about your body before relying on random medicine. In that case, if you are looking for superior health supplements, Add Veda gives you the best solution.

Ankush Passi & Dr. Jogesh Passi

On the other hand, sometimes people don’t want to discuss some issues like sexual problems. Add Veda supplies you the best medicine for that as well.

Apart from that, we all are looking for the best immunity booster and blood purifier. In that case, Add Veda brings a variety of medicines according to your health and needs.

Nowadays, we all have understood the importance of our health. So if you want to take care of this valuable asset, you have to hold the hand of nature and Ayurveda. Add Veda makes it simple and affordable for you. If you still have any questions, don’t forget to visit the official website and join live to get more details.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Ankush Passi – Growing up, I watched my father, Dr. Jogesh Passi (G.A.M.S.) an Integrative Ayurveda expert who is well renowned for his ongoing research on Ayurveda and treatment of patients with chronic ailments from both India & abroad. He is also well known for development and innovation of unique herbal formulation which has tremendous successful results. My father, Dr. Passi’s knowledge treasure of Ayurveda and my own interest in all things herbal, is the inspiration behind Add Veda.

When did you start your business?

Ankush Passi – We are in the business of manufacturing Ayurveda products for more than three decades. I completed my graduation from SRCC, Delhi and post a considerable stint of experience working with an E-commerce startup, I joined my family business, which I always wanted and after a lot of research and preparation, we launched a range of relevant products under our own brand name ‘Add Veda’ in 2016 which is solely focused on Ayurveda and wellness products.

What does success mean to your company?

Ankush Passi – Success is a very relative term, to me success for our company has a holistic approach which includes our vision of scaling the business beyond a monetary figure, going global and expanding the distribution to more countries, being able to make our brand ‘Add Veda’ a trustworthy name for purity, quality and result oriented products and last but not the least, in the process and journey of our pursuits we want to be benevolent towards society and help the humanity as much as we can.

How are you performing currently?

Ankush Passi – We have had tremendous growth of more than 300% last financial year. This year started with COVID challenges, we have tried to stay resilient and conscious with our overall operations and maintained the consistency. Ayurveda has certainly gained more popularity and acceptance due to awareness and realization of its holistic benefits, hence we are very optimistic for this year’s growth and with the domino effect that Ayurveda industry will see in the future once the economy revives; supply chains become smoother and people have pre-COVID level disposable incomes in hand.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Ankush Passi – Every business has its own set of challenges, at different stages there are different kinds of challenges. We are a young company and have a very long journey ahead of us. We have survived demonetization and GST implications, had to reframe the structures completely which once affected our business growth, and presently we have sailed well through COVID times. Having said that, I think its resilience and perseverance in entrepreneurship that helps you overcome the challenges and risks in your respective industry.

What are your plans for the funding?

Ankush Passi – In 2016, Add Veda was incubated and received investment from Asia’s largest retail franchise company, Franchise India Holdings Ltd and former ace shooter & Olympic Gold medalist Mr. Abhinav Bindra’s venture fund, Shooting Stars LLP. Mr. Bindra also became the brand ambassador for Add Veda. The start-up utilized the incubation opportunity for initial traction and right networking, which helped Add Veda build a valuable learning curve in the initial years of the company. I think we have reached at a scale where we would like to raise initial capital for next stage of growth. We are meeting a few angel investors and looking for a right fit of strategic and investment partners.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Ankush Passi – Starting 2016, Add Veda products were sold through various digital platforms and leading pharmacy chains in Delhi/NCR. Long payment cycles, margin issues and demonetization soon forced Add Veda to pivot to a digital first approach. For the past few years, pro-digital strategy has paid rich dividends and we work on a balanced mix of B2C and B2B models.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

Ankush Passi – I think of business as an individual entity and its growth is best if it comes organically over the years. You need to do a lot of things ‘right’ to successfully scale your business from one growth stage to another and this transition must be very thoughtful. I also believe in keeping balance sheets healthy, a lot of start-ups have gone into data mining business at the cost of making losses but how this strategy plays out going forward is something that we are yet to see. We have so far maintained a rational approach of organic and healthy year on year growth.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Ankush Passi – What sets us apart is that we manufacture the products in our own manufacturing unit, giving us an edge in cost management and quality control in sourcing the right ingredients and in production. Secondly, our products are manufactured under the expert supervision and guidance of Integrative Ayurveda specialist Dr. Jogesh Passi (GAMS), Founder &Director, Add Veda, known for his ongoing Research, Development and Innovation of Unique Herbal Formulations. He has been practicing and researching on Ayurveda for almost four decades. Add Veda offers a Wide portfolio of Unique formulations of synergistically acting herbs with high potency that are used to treat Diabetes , Muscle & joint pains, Autoimmune conditions, Men’s Sexual Wellness, Liver diseases and Chronic allergies, etc. Our trust, belief, approach, experience and understanding of Ayurveda helps us to deliver result oriented products, which reflects in satisfaction of the consumers.

Where are your start-up services spread?

Ankush Passi – We are focused on the digital first model at this stage of the company and we are available on e-commerce and healthcare focused platforms such as Amazon, Seniority, 1mg, Lybrate, BeatOapp and our own company website,

What does it feel to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel getting up every morning and getting on to work?

Ankush Passi – It feels incredible to run your own company, I think it makes you experience life in many different emotions and dimensions. I have actively played basketball at national level and led college and Delhi University team at All India Championship, so I draw a lot of parallel between Sportsmanship and Entrepreneurship in my life. In sports, you loose a lot and win occasionally but you prepare everyday, you also need to be super active, super conscious, aware and must have a high emotional intelligence to be successful. I think all these qualities help you in your business outlook and ecosystem.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Ankush Passi – We are a young company and growing organically year on year with considerable traction. I believe in growth at all times, both professionally and personally. With God’s grace we would be very happy if we keep getting better than previous year and keep doing the right things!

Who supports you to stand this business and how? Please share this thing in brief.

Ankush Passi – We have had a huge support from our investors, Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman of Franchise India. He has been great mentor and guiding force since the beginning of the company. Mr. Abhinav Bindra has always supported us in the vision of the company; he is also the brand ambassador for Add Veda, which really helps us build the confidence and trust amongst consumers and business partners.

Add Veda’s foundation is built on the Dr. Jogesh Passi’s knowledge, vision and years of hard work and research on Ayurveda. Simultaneously, we receive support and impeccable guidance from Dr. Aarushi Passi (my sister) who is very renowned and sought after functional medicine doctor, she acts as a consultant to Add Veda.

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