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Founder – Ankit Agarwal

Albert Einstein said once,’ Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid.’ Do Your Thng is one such platform that is established with the idea of providing a platform to the individuals helping them to highlight the thing that defines them.

Do Your Thng is a unique platform that helps you become influencers from mere artists and unique talents. They help you gain more organic followers, which will help you earn every time you post some content on any digital platform. This platform helps you do the things you love to do all this while earning additional bucks.

How do they work?

Do Your Thng is based on the idea that every artist or a creator of any content should get the attention and popularity that they deserve. They use various techniques like Paid Campaign, Barter Campaign, Custom Content, and Collaborations amongst others to help you promote your content on highly active platforms. Here is a closer look at the various techniques which DYT uses to convert your content into branded and paid content.

  • Paid Campaign

With the help of this campaign, DYT enables you to earn through your content on every single occasion in which your content hits the internet.

  • Barter Campaign

This technique allows you to form partnerships with other talented individuals and do a skill trade-off.

  • Custom Content

Do Your Thng allows you to sell your custom content to them to earn a bit extra.

  • Social For Good

These campaigns are especially useful for those individuals who want to create a difference using the power of social media.

  • Collaboration

With the help of these campaigns, you can swap your skills with other talented individuals, creators, and brands.

The Force Behind Do Your Thng

With over 100+ running campaigns, 20,000+ creators, and strategic associations with over 80 brands like Marks $ Spencer, Logitech, Hershey’s, and many more, Do Your Thng under the leadership of Mr. Ankit Agarwal strive towards helping people believe in themselves and their abilities. Ankit believes that every individual can influence the people in their lives and drive conversations that matter. Additionally, he has a group of four advisors who help the creators efficiently utilize social media’s power. These advisors are experts from the digital marketing industry and other domains bringing years of experience to the board.

While the idea was to create a platform that ordinary content makers can utilize to become influencers and earn some money if possible. Today, this simple platform has turned into a robust web portal that helps you digitally market and brand yourself and your talent. Based on Gurgaon, the team of experts who handle the digital campaigns for the creators are highly competitive and all set to help the influencers of tomorrow.

Motto, Mission and Vision

The key idea behind Do Your Thng is to create a community of content creators where they are the advocates of the talent. They believe that everybody is an influencer in their respective fields, and all they need is the right platform for their voice to be heard. They emphasize that as a creator, all you need to do is create content and take care of everything else.

Why Do Your Thng is Different?

They have a very quick and easy to follow a system which helps you to not only earn money but also to gain more followers. These followers that DYT helps you to get are the ones who’ll connect with you and appreciate your creations. DYT is all about the creators. This platform knows the value that the creators hold. Keeping this value in mind they have a simple mott which they want their influencers to keep in mind, and that is – Create, Post, and Earn.

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