FICCI CSR Award goes to KPIT for incubating ground-breaking innovations to address the challenges of ‘Real India’


Addressing the challenges of ‘Real India,’ KPIT Technologies Limited is crowned the winner of the 2020’s ‘FICCI Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.’ KPIT has been given this award for its efforts to incubate transformational innovations by Young Entrepreneurs from across India.

What are the FICCI Corporate Social Responsibility Awards?

As the name suggests, Corporate Social Responsibility Awards are the recognitions given to the companies for their various contributions to CSR. This award was institutionalized in 1999 by FICCI to promote the sense of responsibility towards society amongst the corporate entities.

A brief intro about KPIT

With over 6000+ supporters spread across the globe, KPIT is a global digital software solutions company driven towards a clean, autonomous, connected, and smart future. KPIT specializes in providing software, Digital, and AI Solutions, enabling its customers to drive implementation of mobility technologies belonging to next-gen. With its presence in the USA, Europe, India, Thailand, China, Japan, and India, KPIT has a strategic presence in the areas of interest working with global leaders.

Why did KPIT win this award?

Driven by the motive to bring innovative yet much-needed solutions to the society, KPIT has launched its out-of-the-box initiative ‘KPIT Sparkle.’ This initiative is dedicated to providing a link between budding entrepreneurs with the incubation ecosystem using the strength of IPR. 

KPIT has supported over 22,000 ideas coming from different institutions from the fields of Science and Engineering, Design, and Management by their faculty and students alike. KPIT provides these young and experienced brains with the opportunity by which they can convert their raw ideas to realistic prototypes fit for industrial production.

This year’s jury was chaired by Mr. Amit Chandra, Chairman, Bain Capital-India, and comprised other jury Members – Ms. Nishi Vasudeva, former CMD, HPCL, Ms. Ranjana Agarwal, founder Vaish Associates, Mr. Pranjal Sharma, Economic Analyst, and Writer & Mr. Arumugam Kalimuthu, Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Institute. The panel was independent and made the applicants go through a strict evaluation.

According to Mr. Setu Shah, Founder & CEO, Prose Integrated, “While working on the KPIT’s entry for the FICCI CSR Award-2020, the challenge was to drive home the message that even IPR can be part of social projects if innovations are around solving the problems of Real India. We managed to successfully convey to the juries how and why KPIT Sparkle was about Innovation, IPR & Entrepreneurship for and by ‘Bharat’. KPIT winning this award, thus, is a proud moment for even us at Prose Integrated as we helped in nurturing and shaping ‘KPIT Sparkle’ and saw it grow year on year. I congratulate KPIT’s entire team for this huge win.”

Conclusion Leading and trying to revolutionize the Indian market, KPIT is dedicatedly working towards driving growth across rural areas and small towns. The Senior Marketing Specialist from KPIT, Mr. Kedar Sapre, thanked the jury mentioning ‘India is a land of brilliant ideas and many often the best ideas come not from top-notch institutions from big cities but from students of smaller towns and rural areas. KPIT Sparkle nurtures such innovations from idea generation to product manufacture with a supportive incubation process.’

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