Synergizing Forces: BEADS Collaborates with Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art on “Climate Change & Art – A Green Perspective.”


In a bid to elevate discussions on climate change and sustainability, the Bhubaneswar Experimental Art and Design Studio (BEADS) brought forth its ‘ADC – Art. Design & Conversations’ initiative into collaboration with Utsha Dialogues. Together, they presented ‘Climate Change & Art – A Green Perspective,’ a compelling dialogue held on March 29, 2024, at 6:00 PM at the Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art. This event aimed to delve into the profound intersection between art and climate action, championing the notion of how artistic expression can drive environmental advocacy.

The focal point of the event was a panel discussion featuring three stalwart advocates for sustainability: Ravi Agarwal, an acclaimed artist, photographer, and environmental activist; Aditya Panda, a distinguished wildlife conservationist; and Jagannath Panda, a globally recognized artist and sculptor. Sandeep Hota, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BEADS, adeptly moderated this enlightening conversation. Drawing from their diverse experiences, each panelist underscored the influential role of art in raising awareness and galvanizing action against climate change. They elucidated on the myriad ways artists can contribute to the environmental movement, ranging from visual representations to community engagement endeavors.

The event also shed light on pressing environmental issues, exploring how art can serve as a catalyst for tangible change amidst the climate crisis. Overall, it succeeded in fostering a platform where varied voices converged to explore the nexus of art and environmental activism.

During the discussion, Ravi Agarwal remarked, “Art serves not merely as a reflection but as a tool for shaping our world. Through initiatives like this, we endeavor to highlight the potent intersection of art and activism, fostering dialogue that can instigate awareness and action in response to our environmental challenges.”

Jagannath Panda, Artist and Mentor at BEADS, expressed, “As an artist, I’ve always believed in the capacity of art to evoke emotions, initiate discourse, and prompt action. The discourse at ‘Climate Change & Art – A Green Perspective’ exemplified this potential. By uniting artists, environmentalists, and the community, we can cultivate a creative dialogue that addresses the climate crisis from a fresh angle.”

Adding to the conversation, Aditya Panda, Panelist and Wildlife Conservationist, emphasized, “Climate change is a multifaceted issue, and cultivating a collective understanding necessitates creative exploration from diverse disciplines. Through this dialogue, we urge all artists to leverage their creativity to illuminate contemporary environmental challenges and inspire discourse. When executed with sincerity and purpose, this can spark a formidable movement transcending boundaries, fueling collective passion for a sustainable future.”

Furthermore, the event served as a platform to unveil BEADS’ parijata design collection—a homage to the enduring connection between individuals, nature, destiny, and Odisha’s cultural heritage. This collection features floral home décor plates, functional utility jars, and an exclusive jewelry line meticulously crafted by local artisans, adorned with handmade ceramic pieces from Odisha.

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