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India is a fast-growing country and comes among the developing countries in the world. India’s development is due to its manufacturing companies, who all play an important role in India’s economy. If you look at India’s whole, then you can find that Bangalore is the most significant place as several manufacturing companies are there. 

The manufacturing companies in Bangalore are the main reason for which India is progressing towards positive growth.  

If you look at the manufacturing companies in Bangalore, then you can see that these companies get the best raw materials in abundance from this region. As the manufacturing companies need raw materials and the availability is good in here, so these companies love to be in Bangalore. Moreover, the place is strategic with all kinds of facilities for companies, and for that, global companies prefer to head here for setting manufacturing companies in Bangalore.  

Future of manufacturing companies

Bangalore is always considered as the IT hub of India. Yet, the place is much more to offer, and in that, you can see several manufacturing companies in Bangalore are already there. The reason is many, but the availability of human resources, IT support, and many more are what makes Bangalore a manufacturing head of the country. As per the industrial experts, you all can see that they all see these manufacturing companies in Bangalore as a great source of employment.  

All these manufacturing companies in Bangalore try to make things simple yet innovative for you and make their network strong in this sector. 

A report shows that India has the potential to pass $1 trillion by 2023, and these companies will help generate nearly 80 million jobs for the citizen. Apart from that all, now the government initiatives like Make in India is also getting a good response. The government is actively spending funds to promote and ask global companies to head here to set up their manufacturing units in Bangalore.  

Have the potential to change the face of the country

When you are looking at all the manufacturing companies in Bangalore, you can see that the place has a large potential that is yet fully discovered. Currently, these companies are concentrating on expanding their production capacity. Furthermore, the increase in the demand for the products from the customers is also a huge challenge, and these manufacturing companies in Bangalore are trying to meet it efficiently. The services and demand for products are global, and for that, companies are proceeding in the right path.

To give you more ideas about the manufacturing companies in Bangalore, you can see that if you take their turnover per day, they are currently getting billions each year. With good support from the government and the use of better technology and innovation, they are eyeing exponential growth, and it seems to be happening soon in the near future.  

Here is the list of top 10 manufacturing companies in Bangalore who are responsible for the rapid industrialization and urbanization in Bangalore and other parts of the country. The list of prominent companies to look forward to is here.

10 prominent manufacturing companies in Bangalore

1. 3M India Ltd

3M India Ltd is one of the top manufacturing companies in India that set-up in 1987. It is an American Multinational company and is currently a global leader in the manufacturing industries. It is seen that they deal with medical products, personal protective equipment, care products, and other optical films. The headquarter of 3M India Ltd is at Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore. The company’s annual turnover is nearly $1.4 billion, and currently, it has 2500 employees and 5 regional branches in India. The company has made a good and progressive development, and for that, it comes among the top manufacturing companies in Bangalore.

2. BEML Ltd

The manufacturing company was founded in 1964, and the headquarter is in Bangalore. The main objective of the company is to manufacture rail coaches and their spare parts. It also produces all kinds of mining equipment.  It has a huge base and experience in the manufacturing industries and is one of India’s top manufacturers for heavy-duty industries. It is a public-sector company and is the biggest and top one in the Asia continent as well.  If you look at the company’s annual revenue, then it is more than $450 million per year.  Currently, the company has employees of nearly 11,000, and it is having 9 earthmoving manufacturing units in India.

3. Bharat Electronics Ltd

The next top manufacturing company in Bangalore is BEL ltd. It is an aviation company and is the best among the manufacturing companies, which comes with the many top products from its side. The company is owned by the Government of India and is incorporated in 1954 at Bangalore. 

Apart from that all, it stands among the nine PSU companies from the Indian Defense Ministry. The annual revenue of the company stands at nearly $1 billion per year. The company is very much technology efficient and is one of the top ones here in India. They are capable of producing top and efficient electronics products for the Indian Air Force, and they are in the business for over the last 60 years. The company now has 7 manufacturing units in India. 

4. Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd.

Dell International Services Pvt Ltd is a top IT company from India. It comes among the best manufacturing companies in Bangalore and is established in the year 2003. The headquarter of the company is in Koramangala, Bangalore. Apart from that all, the company deals with the PCs, workstations, laptops as well as other accessories. They are the best service provider for all IT companies in India and give top IT solutions to their clients. If you look at the company, you can see that its annual turnover is nearly $2 billion and it has 25,000 employees as well. Currently, it has nearly 6 offices in India with headquarter at Bangalore.

5. Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd

The company is located in Bangalore and was founded in 1974. The company offers you a wide range of products and in that it includes the chemicals as well as fertilizers. India is a country where farming is one of the main occupations, and for that, you need any fertilizer. To help the farmers to yield high-quality crops, they manufacture phosphates and nitrogenous fertilizers. It is the top chemical manufacturing companies in Bangalore with a wide range of products for the farmers. Apart from that all, it too produces other acids as well, which are needed in different fields as well. 

6. United Breweries Ltd

United Breweries Ltd comes among the top manufacturing companies in Bangalore. You can see that it is founded in the year 1857, and the headquarter is in Bangalore. 

The company deals with the manufacturing and sale of beer and also helps you in getting licensing of the brands. Currently, the company deals with a huge range of the beers include Kingfisher premium, Bullet, Cannon 10000, Kalyani Black Label, Zingaro, and many more. 

If you look at the operation of the company, then it has 20 breweries under its belt and 8 contract breweries. The company brand is available across 50 countries, including India. 

7.IBM India Ltd

IBM India Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of India.  The company is the subsidiary of the IBM Global services, and it is established in the year 2000. The headquarter of the company is in Bangalore, and it comes as the top IT solutions and accessories provider for all IT firms. The company has a manufacturing unit here, and the total human resources it has got is 154,000 employees in India alone. The annual revenue of the company is over $5 billion. If you look at the current scenario, then the company has got 13 offices across the country and a head office.

8. Havells

Havells, the top manufacturing company of India, is known for its top and best quality electrical appliances and other accessories like wiring.  It is a well-known brand and is a common name in all Indian households. The company was founded in the year 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta. In a short period, it has become the top Indian companies to reach a large MNC level.  They are now among the top elite companies in India. The annual turnover of the company is over $940 million and is having 6000 employees.  The headquarter of the company is in Bangalore.

9. Nissin Food

Nissin food is a food manufacturing company in Bangalore. Nissin was founded in the year 1948 in Osaka. It is a Japanese food manufacturing company and is the largest one in the world. The food company usually deals with instant noodles, and people all over the world love it in a good way.  The company has employees who are over 7000 all over the world. In Bangalore, it has got the largest food unit that offers you top noodles to the country. The company has an annual turnover of over $2 billion, and it is estimated that it will be up by a significant amount in the coming years.

10. Britannia

The top and most popular biscuit manufacturing company are Britannia. It is the brand that is well known to every Indian, and the brand was established in 1892. If you look at the s company, you can see that it has a huge turnover, and it is estimated at over $1 billion as revenue. Apart from that all, the business of the company is increasing as well each year by 27 percent and is having 3300 employees. If you look at its manufacturing units, then it has units spread across India. Moreover, the head office of the company is in Bommanahalli, Bangalore.

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