One-Moto, A British EV Brand, Launches Its Latest Premium High-Speed E-Scooter Electa


OneMoto, a British brand renowned for making premium electronic vehicles has been introduced in India for the first time ever. It recently announced the launch of its high-speed e-scooter Electa in the Indian market. At EV India Expo the new elector was announced with an ex-showroom price of ₹1,99,000. This latest e-scooter brings with it a modern classic spirit, which aspires to target the youth that is responsible for steering the views of the country’s future towards a more eco-friendly future. OneMoto has passionately shared the larger vision of reducing carbon emissions in the country and is in sync with Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s “Panchamrit” vision.

Booking for Electa are currently ongoing, and its delivery will begin in February 2022.

OneMoto has already released two successful products in the Indian market- Commuta (a high-speed scooter), and Byka (a high-speed scooter) in November 2021. Both the products received a positive response from customers, auto enthusiasts and industry bigwigs, all across the nation. Electa would be its third nationwide rollout and is the fastest-growing OneMoto product within a span of 3 months from the brand launch. ‘One-App’, an application that provides tech support and services such as geofencing, Internet of Things, and Bluetooth to all OneMoto automobiles, comes with Electa too. The app also captures data like maintenance alerts, commuting behaviour etc, thus making it the finest connected vehicle on road.

The new Electa is available in six colours choices –  Mat Black, Shiny Black, Blue, Red and Grey. It displays a refined look that makes it unique from the other usual products in the market. The product is equipped with a 72V and 45AH, detachable lithium-ion battery, that gets fully charged in just 4 hrs. The e-Scooter easily clocks a top speed of 100 km/hr. Electa can also cover a distance of 150 km- just from the power of a single charge. It is powered by a 4KW QS brushless DC Hub motor creating a distinct experience for the rider.

One-Moto Electa is also offering a 3 years warranty on Motor, Controller and Battery to its users. Along with this e-scooter, come benefits with useful features like analogue display, hydraulic disk brakes (front and rear) and optional chrome upgrades.

OneMoto has brought back in fashion retrospective design to its users with the launch of its e-scooter. Integrated with the most advanced technology, the ride moulds to the fine lifestyle of travellers who wish to enjoy this eco-friendly elegant ride along with the elegance of British style.

Mr. Muzammil Riyaz, the Partner & Promoter of One-Moto, India, expressed his views, “Given that the automobile sector in India has shifted from ICE to EV, it is comprehensible that the amateur experience of OneMoto will go a long way if this endeavour has to be sustained. We have entered the Indian market with the aspiration of addressing the EV requirements of those who are searching for an automobile which brings with itself a chic style which is unique and elegant. We have integrated the grandness of British style with our electric vehicle products in India. The cutting -edge technology along with in precisely crafted design makes it an attractive  offering from OneMoto for our target customers.” said

“India is witnessing the rise of EV and adopting it in order to obtain quality products. The objective of OneMoto is to launch high-speed quality premium products and start distributing them from specifically targeted metro cities. OneMoto doesn’t just want to serve Indian customers with their e-scooters but also offer them an immersive experience so that they can compare it with their experience while running ICE engine two wheeler automobiles. We aim at conquering the market in the targeted metros in the country including – Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi-NCR, Haryana and Punjab in the upcoming six months. On the basis of the response, and local government policies only we will enter the new financial year,” Mr. Shubhankar Chaudhry, the CEO of One-Moto India, expressed his elation.

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