Guarantees Job A New Ad campaign by Simplilearn


Simplilearn is a combined package that is launched all over multiple digital platforms and print media. The campaign is for a Job Guarantee that promotes programmed that guarantee a job based on course completion. Aspirants are provoked to reach their career-oriented goal and ambitions along with flexible camping that focuses on strong reasons and provide tangibility. There was a launch of two ad films on the behalf of the company related to the above concept. The film telecast the track towards the secure job, after enrollment in the program. The pathways that led the camping further towards the launch were multiple digital platforms and print media. The company announced Indians to celebrate and ask for the treat on a big or small scale. When gets a new job friends and family members ask for treat as per the concept of campaigns. The highlights of the ad film are telecasted regarding the effectiveness of the skilling program that generates a job workforce ready for an initial job guarantee. The chief marketing officer of the firm Mark Moran announced that they hope the audience to relate the viewers to the characters and enhance motivation to adapt new skills and promote their success with full of sweetness with their family and friends. In our country it is complimentary when our near ones are placed in a job, they ask for a treat from their family and friends as they acquire assets to carry on forward. That is why the campaign is built that is well known for its relatability to all the demographics. There is a bond of cultural insight while conceptualizing the campaign that is stumbling. CEO and CCO Carl Savio, and the Bluebot Digital the company besides the campaign, it is built up around tangibility of the product related to benefit of guaranteed jobs. As per the India Brand Equity Foundation report, an agency that is related to government export promotion complies with the sale and distribution of the products, within India. The expected reach in the market of tech is around $4billion till 2025 from the hike of $750 million in 2020. 

They also offer postgraduate programs that include:

  • Carrer building support
  • University status as alumni
  • University certification 
  • University offers masterclass
  • Re-organized learning paths. 

The online booth camps offer immersive learning experiences:

  •  Skill development for real career growth
  • Guidance with industry and academics
  • Development for job-related skills
  • Active learning from experts in their fields
  • Bringing case studies to the session
  • Work by learning real-world problems
  • Real-world projects involve capstone data
  •  Hand-on learning along with the virtual labs
  • Learning should never stop with a structured guidance
  • Resolve any conceptual doubts along with the mentors. 

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