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Avantura Choppers: Revolutionizing the motorcycle industry


History TV 18 is one of my favorite channels when it comes to Television. I, as an individual am often intrigued and attracted to the shows like Counting Cars, Kings of Restoration, Biker Battleground Phoenix, Pawn Stars, etc. from this channel. Subconsciously, I like this shows because of their way of storytelling about classical American products. Moreover, mostly due to their way of representing vintage cars like Ford Mustang and bikes like Harley’s Choppers. As a result, this oftentimes ends up being a dream car or dream bike. But, this premium cars & motorcycles are often bounded to America, and if they are available in India, they are freaking expensive. And, the startup(Avantura Choppers) we are going to talk about today solves this problem to an extent.


About Avantura Choppers:

Choppers are custom motorcycles, which emerged in California during the 1950s. This globally recognized sign of innovation, power, and creativity was first commercially manufactured in India after over half-a-century in 2016. And, Avantura Choppers are the first of its kind in India to manufacture premium, high-end, and world-class Chopper bikes.

The manufacturing facility of Avantura Choppers is located right outside India’s financial capital, Mumbai. With complete enthusiasm, hustle, and soul; Avantura Choppers’ team build best-in-quality, innovative and premium chopper motorcycles, which are engineered according to Indian standards. This premium quality of Avantura Choppers is specially made for those with the passion for speed, power, and panache. It’s for those who want the feeling of owning the world, according to the Avantura team.

Under two years of the startup; Avantura Choppers has achieved feats like building the first 2000cc bike in India with BS IV certification. Currently, they sell only two types of premium bikes named the Rudra and Pravega at the pricing of between 20L-25L. And, the company intends to add a new model every year.


motorcycle industry


The startup story:

Avantura Choppers unquestionably is an innovation & evolution in Indian motorcycle industry. And, the story of this startup starts with a dissatisfaction.

Gaurav A. Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Avantura Choppers is one of several bike enthusiasts in India. A few years ago before launching a Chopper brand, Gaurav (inspired by Hollywood movies) desired to buy a custom Chopper. Hence, to build a personal custom chopper; he visited some of the most recommended experts. But, despite several attempts at customization and modification, the results were never up to the mark. Might be that dissatisfaction from an unorganized sector was the primary motivation for this revolution in Indian motorcycle industry.


motorcycle industry


He then went on to meet bikers & other bike enthusiasts who were thirsty for real Chopper experience. After  meeting several like-minded people, he went on to pioneer the revolution of Choppers in India by starting Avantura Choppers. Avantura was named by combining two Sanskrit words: Avanindra & Tura.

To start a chopper brand, he needed a team. And, that need was fulfilled once he roped in his friends Amitabh Biswas and Vijay Singh. After a while, Kevin Alsop, founder of Big Bear Choppers accompanied the team.

Amitabh Biswas, co-founder of Avantura Choppers contributes as the Founding Partner & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in the company while Co-founder, Vijay Singh serves as Chief Revenue Officer in the organization. Besides, Sanjay Yadav who works as Head of Production and R&D.

Kevin Alsop, the founder of Big Bear Choppers, is a legend in the niche and he serves as Chief Design Engineer of Avantura Choppers. Kevin first visited India very recently to build Avantura Choppers factory. In addition, individually, he owns several patents in Chopper industry. He has also sold more than 5000 Choppers worldwide; and to keep it in perspective, let me tell you that Avantura Choppers aims to sell over 200 choppers annually.


With a unique team, idea, and enthusiasm; Gaurav and team have unquestionably revolutionized the motorcycle industry in India. And, this story can certainly inspire hundreds of thousands of Indians to revolutionize by starting their ventures in the niches they are passionate about.

Wrapping up, I leave it to you. You have the power of sharing this story and inspiring someone to start their venture. So, share it, and bookmark this blog for new & inspiring startup stories.


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