Multi Award-winning Company GraffersID Has Worked with Unicorn Startups as a Software Development Partner


Achievement or Failure, yet every startup has its story.  It is truly said that the Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. GraffersID has worked with several global market leaders from different industries.

GraffersID has been awarded many times for its services and servings, Mobile App Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, and SEO. GraffersID success is noticed agreeably as 8 new businesses out of 10 raised subsidizing and developed by multiple times.

The Story of a Successful Startup Founder

Sidharth Jain the founder and CEO of GraffersID, from his college days, cherished coding and was anxious to learn and work on new technologies. That’s the reason he got a chance to work with the greatest IT Company around then. 

By seeing his insight and enthusiasm for his work he got an exceptionally enormous chance to work in various organizations. He got numerous opportunities to make himself however someplace to him he was depressed of that life. 

Before long, everyone began knowing him nearby and he didn’t need to introduce himself. Individuals outside the organization began moving toward him for his assistance with the technology and he got many opportunities from the customer’s side. 

If you have listened, most people say that smart work is the way to success but he wanted to tell his readers that after working aggressively for 5 years and after many hard days and sleepless nights he learned many things that are different from this usual sayings. 

Subsequent to finding employment elsewhere in that MNC, he even helped many individuals with their technology-related issues; it was then individuals kicked intrigued and off knowing him with his work. 


He believed there is no alternative to gain the knowledge and you learn a lot of things from your past experiences, so don’t think just try to grab things from your practical challenges coming your way, that’s how you’ll get experience and that is the time you get the most promising solutions when you face a real-time challenge. 

He started working on tech and working with new companies. He understood that the organizations are just centered on bringing in cash rather than giving genuine feedback. He also worked on various portals as a writer like LinkedIn, Quora. Many people showed him love and positivity. By there he started getting business queries like 15-20 per month. 

By that year’s end he began a journey with around a group of 4-5 individuals then step by step he got the expansion of team members by great part this is the way the establishment of GraffersID has been and afterward From 5 to 100+ individuals of the group he has. 

He confronted numerous challenges however he never lost trust. Numerous problems he needed to confront like there was the point at which he began this he played from his pocket just to serve his clients the successful project even though he did that.

Sidharth Jain

There are Many Inspiring Stories of Sidharth in Making GraffersID

In a conversation, he stated that he never let any of his team member’s bad weather. It is the client or his team that is always trying to create a happy environment. One day there were very few projects in the month so he saw one of the office boys has potential so that month he and his team started teaching in tech-related things and now that person works with them on various projects.

By the entirety of his persistent effort and sleepless nights, GraffersID has been interfacing startups with the right sort of financial support for a long time now.

 Having worked with Fortune 500+ Companies, Unicorn Startups, and Market Leading ventures, GraffersID presently knows the components, qualities, and perspectives that make any Startup fruitful. That is the fate of GraffersID building the right kind of organization among a tech organization, startup financially.

Till date, Sidharth never stopped working. He tried to make the environment and day energetic and fruitful. He just aims to get the right curve in every person’s life “Smile”. He believes that if you start with this curve you’ll definitely get the right way to your destination.

He believes that startup is a recently arisen undertaking that intends to foster a suitable business, which should be possible by following the dos and don’ts as well as by utilizing the right digital strategies and marketing skills.

Deceivability is the essential thought process of any firm in today’s era, however, making the business appears to the potential clients is finished by keeping up with the right strategies.

Business Model:

Dedicated Developer Model: Hire Dedicated Remote Developers from the team of GraffersID on a Monthly Contract basis. Pick the best Resources to amplify the capabilities of your technical team. Scale your development team within 7 Days with certified developers.

Product Development Model: Share your idea with our domain expert Business Analysts who will draft a detailed Requirement Document along with relevant features suggestions. With the locked scope of work, we will initiate the Product Development on Agile Methodology.

Achievements of GraffersID

  • Globee Business Excellence Awards – Startup of the Year 2021 (IT Services)
  • Global Business Awards 2021 – Best IT Company for startups.
  • Asia innovation Congress – Premium Product Development IT Company
  • World HRD Conference US – Most Trusted Software Development Company
  • Zoom TV Awards India – Impactful IT Company
  • Design Conclave Australia – Premium UI/UX Experience
  • Top Firms – Top Software Development Company
  • Good Firms – Top Mobile App Development Company
  • Clutch – Top Web Developers India 2020
  • App Futura – Top App Development Company
  • Top App Creators – Top 10 Web Development Companies 2020
  • Mobile App Daily – Fastest Growing App Development Companies in 2021

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