How NeoBiz is poised to transform sales management for SMBs


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Founders – Ankit Kumar Agrawal, Arpit Khandelwal

During this global pandemic, we are forced to stay at home, as businesses are now compelled to manage their operations remotely. In addition to that, the world of business has faced many challenges that have hampered performance and growth. The last one year has helped us realize the power of digitalization as, without video conferencing solutions or other essential business tools, survival would have been impossible. It has especially been a tough time for the 60+ million SMBs of India, leaving them with no choice but to adopt digital solutions to keep their business alive.

The set-up of a promising SaaS start-up

Arpit Khandelwal and Ankit Kumar Agrawal, two smart business owners, hypothesized the situation before the dust settled. Their journey began in January 2020 when they founded NeoDove to help businesses automate their sales process and enhance their customer engagement. NeoBiz, a free sales management app developed by this start-up, came into existence in June 2021 and aims to help micro, small and medium enterprises thrive in this new working environment by strengthening their sales engagement. 

With the plan to be present across the tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities of India, they have already managed to raise 1.5 million dollars in seed funding led by India Quotient. One of their key advantages is their easy-to-use app. It can be utilized by anyone without any hassle to experience a significant boost in their sales performance. From micro-businesses to mid-sized businesses, everyone can make use of this simple yet powerful app.

Why would businesses prefer the NeoBiz sales management app?

With today’s advancement in technology, a lot of tools are available for businesses to improve their day-to-day processes. Sales management is one of the most critical processes that need to be transformed using the right tool, and NeoBiz is crafted just for that – to make sales management simpler and easier.

From segregating the critical business data under different customized tags to managing customer information and gathering them in one place, setting reminders to complete crucial tasks on time, scheduling messages, communicating with potential customers on their preferred channel and language, helping users track their business performance, NeoBiz does everything that someone can possibly imagine to boost a sales process. In short, it is a one-stop solution for any business to scale their growth. 


Helping businesses in every possible way

The story doesn’t end here. Apart from performing such crucial tasks, this app has planned to include other incredible features that will efficiently help with team management and make it easy to integrate with robust digital platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads to consolidate all the leads in a single place. Furthermore, integration with telephonic services will also be available on NeoBiz. With these, NeoBiz will slowly be able to revolutionize and reshape the whole process of sales management. 

A business that changed the meaning of success

According to the founders Arpit and Ankit, success doesn’t mean earning more money, but delivering value to our clients. They strive to help people and businesses achieve their goals. All they want is to create a positive impact on millions of businesses. This is the real definition of success to them.

Exclusive Interview with Mr.Arpit Khandelwal

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Arpit – In the time we spent helping businesses strengthen their sales engagement through NeoDove, we realized that smaller businesses could greatly benefit from something similar. We wanted to offer something even simpler and easy to access, an app that brought significant improvements to the current sales process of micro, small and medium businesses, that could help them drive higher growth.

When did you start your business?

Arpit – We started our business in January 2020 with NeoDove. Seeing how businesses benefited through NeoDove, the idea of creating a roughly similar platform for smaller businesses came up. Hence, NeoBiz was developed in June 2021. 

What does success mean to your company?

Arpit – We know we’ve succeeded when our clients are delighted with what we have helped them achieve. We aim to make a positive impact on millions of businesses, and once we do, we can say that we have been successful.

What are your plans for the funding?

Arpit – NeoDove has raised $1.5 M in a seed funding round in March 2021. This will help us fuel the growth of NeoBiz and take the app to millions of businesses.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

Arpit – To upscale steadily and sustainably by consistently delivering on our promises, and taking feedback constructively to improve the products that we offer.  

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Arpit – So far, there’s no significant player solving similar sales problems for our target market. And most importantly, NeoBiz is backed by NeoDove which has been in the market for a while now, and has learned a lot through this experience. Our experience of helping hundreds of businesses scale their sales growth will be put to good use with NeoBiz. 

Where are your start-up services spread?

Arpit – NeoBiz is an app made for the businesses of Bharat. We aim it to be present across tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. 

What does it feel like to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel to get up every morning and get on to work?

Arpit – One definitely starts to look at the world differently, there is so much that goes on, sleepless nights become normal, but at the end of all of this, it’s very exciting. To live and work each day and grow one step closer to your goals, it’s thrilling, to say the least. The team at NeoDove is very hard-working and committed, which further instills confidence and motivation.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Arpit – We aim to onboard a significant portion of the micro, small and medium businesses of India and create a significant impact. Also, eventually, we want to cater to the other business requirements as well, apart from just sales. 

Who supports you to stand this business and how? 

Arpit – It’s the dedication and constant efforts of the entire team and the support from our investors that keep the business growing steadily.  

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