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Founder – Gyaan Dixit 

Website – Wellnessmonk


Guess what is today’s generation is genuinely concerned about? Money? Career? Family? The question may lead to different answers. But have you noticed that in this rat race to achieve our different aspirations, we lack regarding our family’s and our own physical well-being?

In the current scenario of a lifestyle with the tightly packed schedules, it becomes challenging for a layperson to cope up with a good and healthy physique. Instead, such people tend to ignore the signals given by their body to avoid disturbance in their work. Ultimately they end up digging their own grave. However, that digging might come to an end by the startup, we are discussing today.

To bridge the above mentioned gap, provides you with a solution. A solution that will look after your and your family’s & friends’  health and wellness.


What is

Currently, with more than 10,000 products and 80,000+ satisfied customers, pharmacyonnet takes up the responsibility to ensure the most comfortable access to health products and organic products, to every part of India.

With the belief in ‘Sehat Aapke Ghar Tak,’ It is a platform to get yourself a healthy retreat more easily and quickly. is an online healthcare store that caters to your littlest of needs. Things like organic grocery, imported & gourmet food items, household items, mother & baby range, personal care products for men & women, wellness items related to sports & fitness, health supplements, anti-aging products, herbal & organic products, etc. are available. In short, this wide range of products is all you need to make yourself stronger, at least in the context of health.


Tomorrow of Pharmacyonnet?

With the micro success of having a variety of products and a whopping 80,000 satisfied customers, that too in around a year, Pharmacyonnet is dreaming big for its upcoming years with mergers and fundraisers.



Started around a year ago, in 2017, Pharmacyonnet is doing its job with ‘Sehat apke ghar tak.’

Remarkable products from Pharmacyonnet and  Initiatives like #humfittohindiafit are going to help India become a healthy India. What’s your best suggestion for healthy living? Let us know in the comments below.

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